empirical dissent exists for the simple purpose of dissenting and dismantling the oppressive and pathological societal disorders ever-present to the furthest reaches of our planet. There can be little opposition to the premise that the current state of human and non-human affairs is horrendously unhealthy, and it could well be argued that we're at the beginning of one of humanity's (and due to our utter domination of nature, the entire world's) greatest crises.

In time of crisis, a popular response is to comfort the one in crisis, tell them that everything is going to be alright and not to worry. The purpose of empirical dissent is the opposite of that. We hope to join with the voices of other dissenters, the voice of reason, and the voice of Earth, to provide some of the impetus for the impending crisis. We will not be the voice telling humanity that everything is alright. We will be the ones monkeywrenching the machines of capitalism, patriarchy, and Manifest Destiny. We won't be the ones whispering in your ear that we're sorry everything's falling apart. We will be the ones tearing it down and showing you that there's a more Beautiful way.

We're a motley guild of writers of poetry, prose, parables, and (non-alliterative) essays. We're all anarchists. Some of us are inspired by the ideas of primitivism, communism, pacifism, direct action, revolution, rebellion, and above all, Love.

If you'd like to write for empirical dissent, or if you just want to say hello, please contact us via Facebook or email us at jordan@empiricaldissent.com. Whether you'd like to be a regular contributor or just have a one-time contribution, we'd be happy to consider publishing it.