i'm originally from the snow-covered rocky mountains of colorado, where i was raised as a middle-class evangelical christian, but rejected it all to travel, learn, share, and participate in the cocreation of a world worth living in, a culture worth believing in, and birthing a mythology worth passing on to our children. i have been living on the thai-burma border, with refugees from the world's longest-running civil war for several years - teaching english, writing, history, and politics. now i travel and learn, planting seeds and gathering experiences and perspectives from the myriad of humans and all beings in this vastly diverse earth (and beyond into the infinite cosmos). 

i don't capitalize letters because my life is a protest against capitalism and inequality. i don't wear shoes because earth is my lover and i feel her heartbeat with every step i take. i write because i'm overwhelmed with the beauty that is swirling around us. and i write because i'm burning with passion for the injustices i see. 

i have been influenced from a myriad of philosophies. initially, the teachings of yeshua the rebel messiah, and the philosophies of christian anarchism. these initially led me to find the beauty of ancient judaic tradition and then to hindu mysticism, and unity consciousness. learning capitalist history sent me hurtling through a whirlwind of researching the histories of oppression and inequality, and the corresponding resistance movements. i then discovered the ideologies of communism and anarchism, which now run like blood through my veins. green anarchism and indigenous spirituality have both spoken so much truth to me about how to relate to the world around me. 

among all of these, and despite hundreds of books i've read, i've learned the most from my brothers and sisters as we opened our hearts, shared stories and dreams in all-night tea shops, from homeless anarchists living under bridges foraging the waste of industrial society, from mentally handicapped children who knew the purity of love, from stateless refugees, and humble poets. from starry skies, stolid trees, mosquitoes that kiss, dogs that threaten, and rivers which run with the lifeblood of the earth. i've learned the greatest truths from the earth beneath my bare feet. 

empirical dissent started as my public journal to share my thoughts and experiences with the world, but it is hopefully evolving into something more reminiscent of the parlors during the french revolution - an open forum to discuss and grow ideas and camaraderie, to the purpose of the destruction of oppressive empires and the building of a new kingdom, the cocreation of a world worth our participation.

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