Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tumultuous Finale (Do You Remember the Falling)

Do you remember the falling?
Did you drift down like an Autumn leaf,
Or did you crash like a stone?
The unknown -  chiseled idol, disbelief.

Do remember the calling?
It hearkened to you when you craved.
A soft whisper became a scream,
You then dreamed - and rode the midnight wave

Do you remember the crawling,
When the sun exploded in the valley?
It reached in every crevice and pit.
Light 'n dark split - a Tumultuous Finale.

I remember the falling.
Scars left by the singe of tears.
Surreal hopes fell to the earth,
To the dirt - seeds of hope to rear.

I remember the calling.
I tried to escape it for so long.
Its shadow loomed over each step,
In each breath - I sang a defiant song.

I remember the crawling.
The winsome despair in that dust.
Resurrected in realization;
Continuation -  the divine wind gusts.

Let us face the appalling -
Together our spirits can dispel the wrath.
Let the flame of Love feast upon the dark;
Disembark - the crystal sea; stars make clear
our path.

by SRC