Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Eternity Blinks

The eye of eternity,
What if it decides to blinks?
Will we forget who we are?
And be lost in the exploding supernova star?

On the edge, ever on the brink,
Going blank if Eternity Blinks.
Rifts in space, dark matter scared.
An anomaly that leaves reality in shards.
Traverse time and space on waves distinct.
Hence all that is dreamt becomes extinct

A mother is born to a child, the child grows to adulthood and becomes a mother.
Who meets another, who makes a bond; this time a father is born to a child.
Wrestling with wild fate, two children meet, a fleet encounter; the earth smiles, seeds planted.
The sapling sways, through storm and drought it grows; it reaches fruition, then suddenly - silence

The eye of eternity,
We give it a cute coy wink.
False piety cries to the stars,
Failing to notice how insignificant we are.

If you dare then stop and think,
What's the result if Eternity Blinks?
Temporal children of the vanguard,
Sullen and still is the once loud dialectical bard.
Close-minded control, we've been hoodwinked.
We forgot all the threads are interlinked.

We each create a false reality to survive being subjected to an artificial existence.
We feign resistance, then settle down into a cliche that we proclaim is unique,
We once searched, now we seek, with questions but the answers already lay within us.
Eternity Blinks, it must, don't fear, when stars burnout, it will warm us in a bright embrace.

The eye of eternity,
Swirling consciousness methinks.
A similar construct we are.
Of the same stuff as the planets, nebulas and stars.

A universe in each thought we think.
We sup of the void as Eternity Blinks.
We dance with angels whilst demons guard,
The gates of psychosis with egotistic disregard.
Cause, matter, in oblivion they sink,
In eternal form, cosmic rays we drink.
by SRC