Sunday, June 19, 2016


On distant planets in synchronicity,
In solidarity
Posited perfectly in a natural chaos

 Unadulterated animus, an anarchy
A sublime symmetry
The only hierarchy, the rapturous eons

There is a hope that's both near and far
Circling inner space and distant stars
So close, right there, it's within our grasp
Revelations abound and hearts aghast
Burden, weight, bludgeoning truth the blow
Earth turns, stars fall, the rushing river flows

Lonely forsaken rock, a cold universe
Reality in reverse
Love and hate they inverse, juxtaposed, consistently

Unmitigated flight, ever caught in conflict
Without harbor, Soul-drift
In tumultuous fits - are the sea, sky and space

The future is both a beacon and scar
Within it rest yesterday's avatar
A thought, a moment, an eternity
Sudden, fleet, instantaneously
A light so bright, now surprisingly dim
Creatures shudder at a creators whim - the end
                          by Steve Cebula