Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Is the Cost of life?

What is the cost to live?
To swim in that bold exuberance everyday.
To live each moment with an unrelenting zeal.
What is the price of fire?

So much this dream has to give.
Running barefoot through the laughing flowers of May,
To live each hour with a joy that borders surreal.
The breath of life never tires.

So accustomed to the sounds and smells of this life,
Comforted in the predictability of happiness
We think these days last, the present tense as it is.
Years storm pass, to form brigades of sadness

But alas a pipe is heard,
Through a blighted valley, its tune is a payment due.
The things we've loved now slip from our eyes like tears.
In its place an emptiness.

There is no thought nor word,
That can bring solace, nor return what we once knew.
Our debt to life - finality, the loss of what is dear.
This is price of closeness - this is price of living.
                                                     by Steve Cebula