Sunday, May 1, 2016

connecting to the "i am"

Real. Everything is so real right now. I am experiencing moments in such full rounded emotion. Letting myself feel is the best decision I ever made. I tear up everyday. Because everyday is new. Beautiful, hard, painful, enchanting, new. Every moment has a new experience, new feeling to feel and I want to feel them. I am so excited for life. Life is now and now is me. All my reality is me. My truth, my moments, my thoughts. I am. I truly feel like I am tapping into a pool, a circle of existence in unison with all. The earth is here with me and I want to drag everyone I meet in too. This pool is the essence of existing and I am taking part. I am living now. Fully. Alive. The glory of God is man fully alive, I see it. I am in my full glory when I am fully alive. Wholly me. Truly feeling. 

The physical world feels like a clever, beautiful collaboration of icebergs. Everyone is taking, acting, feeling, being on such a small scale. It brings me true pain to see people operating solely in the physical. Oblivious to the mountains that lie beneath their actions. There is so much more. I am crying as I write this. Existence is so real. So true. So raw. So infathomably beautiful. There is so much life to take part in. I want it all. I want to be. And I am. 

- johanna b, april 12, 2016