Monday, April 18, 2016

The Fist of the Dove

How do the meek stand against all the gold and guns?
How does the olive branch resist the evil flames?
Histories are replete - with the sound of marching feet
The cool shade of peace, cast by the immortal Dove's name 
We are the Fist of the Dove 
The warriors of the lamb
We the Dove's burning fist 
A crown of thorns I am 
The benevolent legion
That becomes a golden ram
Both fire and steel will fall
Before a roaring lamb

Why do we take the horrid road matching force with might?
We've lost faith in the piercing light that we once embraced
Does faith and strength retreat - darker the fears we meet?
A richer victory comes when destruction is displaced
Protecting power with law 
Vultures harangue the Dove
We bow to one statute
Our truth is Eternal Love
Woe the entourage of death
We fear not your iron glove
For this foe cannot conceive
The bright fist of the Dove

Violence will sow violence and blood will reap only blood
Power brings a whole plethora of ritual insecurities
Thus the cycle will repeat - Until mankind is obsolete
The revolution dies, polluted by impurities
The fallen have shown the way
Gentle is the Dove's fist
It's directed without hate
Faithful, it will seldom miss
We are the Fist of the Dove
Hear how they jeer and hiss
Closed minds, hearts and spirits
The required nails in my wrist
                                                           Dedicated to the heroes of non-violent resistance
                                                                                         by Steve Cebula