Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Divine Still

Once we ran through the wildest wet woods
And meandered across the mountain side
Once we drank from a life giving stream
We thanked earth and sky for the day and night

Lo, the heavens are smokey, sadden grey
The land alight with a horrendous flame
The ocean, it thirsts to drink from the sun
Appalled - the moon hides her face from the shame

Once we were happy with the wind's embrace
The sand beneath our feet was a comfort
Once we had wisdom, to give as we received
Once in communion with the stars and the caves

Mankind fell when we chose our own way
Status and symbol, we longed to attain
The future now, we can no longer run
An unpayable debt, our personal gain

Once we were free from a frightful kings fist
Invisible lines to separate man kind
We weren't weighed down by philosophies
Our pondered ideal? Nature's grace

Balance, harmony - we must find a way
Restless passion - be still we must tame
Artifice and nature must become one
Lest a barren rock be all that remain
Steven R. Cebula