Thursday, September 24, 2015

mosquito's kiss

make love to me,

sink into my flesh.

remind me what it is to feel, to be alive.

how many times in my fear of love

have i shunned you, shut you out?

how many times in my busy mind have i violently

and mercilessly attacked your attempts to connect?

but my love, tonight is a night of passion

of tenderness, of full embrace.

your kiss lingers long after you have gone,

but i know you will come again.

and again, once more under the sentient stars

wrapped beneath the cold blanket of night,

will you sink into my pulsing veins,

pulling my life blood into your fiery belly,

to nourish the seed of life which pulses and breathes

pulses and grows within us all.

sink your needle into my skin.

give me your medicine.

fiery, intimate, and subtler than the sea

is the love between mosquito and me.