Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hate's Windfall

                        By Steven R. Cebula
Floodwaters fill eternal eyes
Thinning crucible, the future teeters
Tomorrow weeps; the storm, the sky
This unwillful illusory design
Patronize - paralyze - shunned

A fiery morning unleashed - spreading
Setting alight the doves white feather
Across promised horizons - shredding
Clenched a deities hand is reaching
Seething - bleeding - undone

The Windfall is a timeless hate
Its shadow falls upon fetters
Through the hills and streets it creates
A damnable dystopian dreamscape
A coiled fate - it awaits - overcome!

A breeze of hope, love fills my lungs
We're brave against inclement weather
Singing with each step, on every rung
In every heart, in every tongue
It is done - it is done - We have won!