Tuesday, September 30, 2014

love is

love without form,
for love is in all forms.

love because it is our nature,
love because love is everything.

love without attachment,
for attachment strangles love.

love without jealousy,
for jealousy denies the true nature of love.

be never inclined to satiate the ego,
in your self,
in those you love,

for ego is the enemy of the eternal lover.

let your love become illumined
like a crystal held up to the sun

and know this, beloved:

that it is not the one you lie with that your love is for,
it is the eternal lover.

and it is not the child you bore that your love is for,
it is the eternal lover.

we are butterflies, beloved.
given the arduous task of kissing every beautiful thing we see.

so, kiss.
and let your kiss be full, be sweet

like the finest wine,
like the deepest sea.

let love's kiss linger upon the hearts
of every flower you meet

until their ecstasy is so great that they too
must let some petals fall to the ground

and let others grow
and be shapen into wings.

that they too must take flight
and lift free of their attachments,

their hearts transformed into
the heart of love herself,

their forms evolved into

love, love, love, beloved.

for love is what we're here for,

love is where we came from,

and love is where we're headed.

love is the hand that gave us these tender forms,
pulling us out of the shell of our seed,

out of the flesh of the earth,
into the sunlight.

love is the seed
and love is the soil.

love is the sun
and love is the rain.

love is the kiss that awakens us
and love is our final form.

be love, beloved,
as i am love.

then your eyes will be opened
and your heart will finally see

that i am you
and you are me.

is the perfection of love.

is how butterflies,
and galaxies
are born.


be loved.

be love.

- love (august 31, 2014)