Sunday, May 25, 2014


The following is a guest post by Elisha Hurlocker.

elisha is a communist, an anarchist, and a pirate. he's a lover of people, god, and everything else. he currently lives with the karen people on the thai-burma border, and has been one of my closest friends since we were just whippersnappers.
 - shanti

What is evolution? For the sake of this article, lets define it as progression towards perfection. All of creation is constantly changing to be better suited for life on this beautiful mysterious blue rock we have come to know as home. Dinosaurs have transcended a life bound to earth, and have evolved into what we now call birds. Wolf-like predators who couldn't find enough food on land took to the waters, and have evolved into what we now call whales. And small, ape-like creatures came down from the trees, started to walk on two feet, became aware of their own existence, and some say they even transcend evolution. 

Or at least that is what us humans think. We think that we're somehow separate from nature, that because of our superior intelligence, we no longer have to play by the same rules as every other creature. We have become disconnected from Creation. And for possibly the first time in the history of our earth, de-evolution has taken place. Instead of changing towards perfection, we are changing towards destruction. Instead of living in union with creation, human beings have become somewhat of a virus. If we continue on our current path, our species will certainty die out, and possibly even bring the rest of creation with us. 

Throughout the history of everything that has ever lived, when a certain species is faced with a threat, it has two choices - evolve or die. And I think it's fair to say that we are facing an eminent threat. The survival of not only humans, but of all life on earth is under great danger. Scientists say we are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction in earth's history. In the past 500 years alone, an estimated 1,000 species have gone extinct, and that number is only rising. Polar caps are melting, which means a rise in sea levels, which means the flooding of coastal cities in the years to come. As if that weren't bad enough, we are about to go through a polar shift, which means a substantial decrease in earth's magnetic field, which means danger from solar winds. And to make things even worse, war, cooperate greed, and pollution all threaten not only the survival of the human race, but of all species on earth.

During times of evolution, the individuals of a certain species who are more able to change to fit the current conditions are more apt to survive. The ones who aren't able, or in our case, refuse to change, die out. But we are in a unique phase of evolution, because for the first time in earth's history, its not a matter of changing ourselves to be better suited to a naturally changing environment, but instead learning to live in harmony with our environment before it becomes too hostile to support our species.

Who are the ones who will change, and who are the ones who won't? Well, in a world where greed, hate, violence, and a never ending lust for power threaten all life on earth, the ones who love will be the ones who lead the way to a new humanity. Love, compassion, and unity with creation are the next phases in human evolution. For if we continue down the path of hate and greed, we will end up killing ourselves. Higher intelligence and changes in our physical appearance will do no good to prepare us for the coming changes. If we are to survive, our evolution must be internal. If we are to survive, we must learn to love. We must learn to cooperate with not only other humans, but with all of creation. We must learn compassion, empathy, and unity. We must learn to live a simple life, abandoning all of the stuff that only strengthens the separation that is threatening to end our race. 

As evolution shows, creation is always working towards perfection. And in a world where hate and violence threaten to destroy all life on earth, it is the ones who love who will lead the way to a new humanity. Love is the next phase in human evolution, because if we don't learn how to love, there will be no more humans left to evolve.