Saturday, March 8, 2014

Conspiracy Theorist No More

The following is a guest post.

Brook Louis Conner is a mystic at heart, a scholar in the mind and a writer by nature. He is searching for truth, justice, love, equality, and to be forever in the present, and is contemplating renouncing everything, becoming a 'pilgrim to the world'.

"Peace and Love bring forth happiness; however, so does a pen, paper and a good conversation."

To my beloved anarchists and peace builders,

After many years of pursuing the truth behind the Illuminati/New World Order, I have finally liberated my mind of such childish acts. “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things” 1 Corinthians 13:11. I bought into the thought that there is a secret society running the world in a Satanic manner. I was in opposition to the bringing together of nations for peace, just because I felt as if the apocalyptic texts in the bible were speaking about today’s times. After my involvement of studying these eschatological books at an academic level rather than searching my own interpretation, I have come to realize that those books were written in a different time and place, and they were not talking about the year 2012. Why in the world would a prophet over 2000 years ago worry about Obama, UN, Gun Laws, Iran, Oil, etc.? Those stories are of a totally different era and served their purpose for totally different people. Throughout history there has been an apocalypse fever that has struck the world. Everyone thinks that they are living in the end times. Well I’m pretty sure that their predictions were wrong; seeing as we all are still alive. Should one then discount every apocalyptic text in the bible or any other religion? We most certainly shall not! Speaking from a biblical sense, there are truths at the heart of the eschatological books. Mostly that truth is justice for the poor, widows, and orphans. So we shouldn’t discredit the biblical accounts; however we shouldn’t assume that they are speaking of the present times.

 Regardless of the biblical accounts, one can still question the corruption and unnecessary suffering that is happening all over the world today. Because of all of these atrocities, people have found a way to blame someone/something for its presence, and for many it is the Illuminati. From a New World Order to the Free Masons, they are in control of the world’s financing, politicking, and new technology (ie. facial recognition or RFID chips). Conspiracy theorists have concluded that these satanic elitist men are in control of our lives. Well, I’m finally selling my shares of this uneducated stock and buying into reality. In Uganda I have seen people who have risen out of suffering to achieve great things. I have also met with people who are still struggling to rise to their full potential. Is it the Illuminati, who apparently control the world, causing this? I cannot say so! The fact is that there are corrupt people in high places. The evil lies with the politicians who have homosexuality illegal. The evil lies within the politicians who allow the suffering of millions of people in order to receive billions of dollars for aid and divert the funds into their own pockets. Here, I have seen a force connected with global politicians that are playing chess with their own citizens’ lives. It goes beyond a conspiracy theory! It is a theory of suffering. A theory of pain for profit; not only within Uganda but every other country. So why are Christians, who claim to love and cherish every form of life, so against peace? If a world government is formed to implement peace throughout the world and give every single one of God’s children food to eat and a place to sleep, then Hallelujah! Must we wait/cause the apocalypse to happen in order for a few of God’s chosen to be sent to heaven? Or can man do as the most holy texts say and to live in peace with one another. To love your neighbor, is that so hard? We live in a individualistic society in the US. I have realized that people are controlled not by the illuminati, but by internet, games, phones, and even religion. The Ugandans have implemented a sense of community that has changed my life forever. A community that is impossible in the US because of our individualistic idols.

So I challenge you conspiracy theorists, especially the Christian ones who desperately want the world to end (which if in biblical terms would cause the suffering of billions). Why are you foolishly concerned with how the world is controlled by a society that has not been proven to exist by scholars? The conspiracy is your idol and your worship is the demonizing the already suffering. Instead of yearning for the end times and researching other uneducated BS, move your body and soul with what the prophets and Jesus were talking about. Don’t be concerned about the Apocalypse. Be concerned about your neighbor that will get the nodding disease, go hungry, or sleep without shelter. Pray for the poor, widowed, and orphans. There is a bigger world out there and it doesn't revolve around a satanic controlled secret society.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quote of the Week

“Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.” 
― Rumi

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Love Before Fire

The following article is reposted from The Beautiful Adventure.

Elisha is a communist, an anarchist, and a pirate. He's a lover of people, God, and everything else. He currently lives with the Karen people on the Thai-Burma border, and has been my best friend since we were just whippersnappers.
 - shanti

What we believe about God, salvation, and Judgment have radical implications on our day to day life. Mainstream Christianity teaches about a god who loves humanity so much, that he sacrificed his own son in our place. Because of this sacrifice, we are saved from the Wrath and Judgment of God, so long as we believe. We must have faith in Jesus, the son of the god of Christianity. We must believe that we are inheritly evil, and that we are in need of a savior. We must have faith that this god sent his son to die for an evil humanity, and that through his death, we are free from the wrath of God. Anyone who does not accept the free Gift of Salvation, given to us by the death of Jesus will be under the Judgment of God. And what is this Judgment?

An eternity in Hell for a lifetime of mistakes. 

This is Judgment, and unless you believe in Jesus, this will be your fate. This, according to most Christians is why Jesus had to die. He had to die because we are evil, and somebody needed to be punished. He needed to die because we are full of sin, and only by His death, can we be free. 

But what if Judgment and Wrath and Hell have little to do with the death of Jesus? What if his death had tangible, realistic implications in how we ought to live our lives, compelling us to be more loving, compassionate, and forgiving to those around us? Maybe Jesus didn't die to save us from the wrath of an angry god. And maybe Jesus didn't even die to save us from our sin. Maybe the death of Jesus has significance that is far more compelling than what we were taught to believe. 

And, what might that significance be, if not "to save us from the wrath of God"? Maybe the reason Jesus died and rose again is to show us that another way of doing life is possible. A way of life that transcends violence as a means to peace, and a way of life that refuses to watch in complacency as the world goes to hell. Jesus was killed because he gave a shit. He stood up for the poor, outcasts, and sinners. He pointed out all of the injustices of the current(and still current) religious institution, exposed the hypocrisy of the religious leaders, and taught of another way of life, which he called 'The Kingdom of God'. He refused to pay homage to Caesar, who was than considered to be 'Messiah' and 'King'. His blatant and offensive remarks to both the Roman and Jewish authorities caused him to be both loved and hated. And because of this, he was killed.

But, Death is not the end of the story. As the story goes, Jesus didn't stay dead. And, why might this be? Because the Power of Life and Love and Creativity and Joy are stronger than Death. Jesus rose from the Grave to show us that we too, have Power over Death. That we too, can live another way of Life. That even if we die, the fruits of our Life will live on forever.

When I hear religious folks talk about how grateful they are that Jesus saved them from Hell, I can't help but think, " That's great and all, but its not very compelling." That belief doesn't transform me into a more loving, compassionate, courageous person. That belief doesn't compel me to love my brothers and sisters. It just makes me feel like shit, because Jesus had to die instead of me. 

 But when I believe Jesus died because he believed in his message, and that he rose again to show us that another way of life is possible, a way of life that overcomes even death, I feel compelled to change. I am encouraged to boldly live the life Jesus modeled. I feel like I have the courage to stand up for the poor and marginalized. 

What we believe about Jesus makes all the difference in how we live our lives. The question is, as Rob bell says, "...which path has the capacity to transform you into a more loving, peaceful, courageous person."