Saturday, February 22, 2014


The following is a (censored) beat poem inspired by the beat poets (of course), specifically Allen Ginsberg's famous Howl. Read the original (explicit but worth it) version of this poem here.

Brook Louis Conner is a mystic at heart, a scholar in the mind and a writer by nature. He is searching for truth, justice, love, equality, and to be forever in the present, and is contemplating renouncing everything, becoming a 'pilgrim to the world'.

"Peace and Love bring forth happiness; however, so does a pen, paper and a good conversation."

America, oh America land of the free and home of the slave, where dreams come true amongst bang, bang, bang.
The click, clack, pow! of a child’s new toy rackets the dead awake, and dead again.
Gun laws restricting the killing, murdering, maiming without restrictions at all.
Religion of naked avatars roam streets and return to the infant’s mangers, sure to be worshiped by the power hungry.
Satan, jealous with the loss of followers to a more pretentious slave master, gun holder, and psycho killer.
Down, down, down Babylon! cries no one heard amongst the terrible tyrant of God, chastising the righteous.
Sex of thieves ravish the unwanted born pregnancies that are conceived in the dark.
Election of who’s worst is best served over brain dead adults who yearn for newscasters spewing nonsense
Penniless, penniless, penniless children cry hungry for a home next to public’s Publix.
Next door neigh hoarding for the doomed end of humanity, hiding behind ammo that kills infidels.
Cash cropping of bodies that have a mother, father, brother, sister dead and gone because United we Stand.
Invasion of homes burn, burn, burn of 100 degree sun middle of North, South, and West.
Howl, yelp, help this civilization of half evolved apes that kill for fun retreating for none.
Earth shattered, tattered, torn through ages of famine; which only reaches the poor whore trying to feed while he that pays for her spits and shuns her while richly providing food for his own fat ass.
Righteous divinely inspired by God Himself His-tory burned on a child’s brain caused hatred scorn for nonbelievers.
Happily dictated over knowing not never now, who? Where, why, and how? Unbelieving its happening now.
Mad by words devised to make heal hope for mission-less Africans; come cure witchcraft pagan fueled AIDS.
Now now, calm son and daughter jumping from rooftops just to be heard while none hear.
Gay sex abominable yet curable by the Lord and His one true love,
Misunderstood men, women, children promised to heal while being hurt.
Circle of life round, round, round, I’m back at the start, suffering reproduction with those not.
Circle of death concocted immortality playing the role of money, fortune, greed passed to generations not in need.
Bank vaults of women’s wombs raped by white Gods, turning half man half god into savior.
Whose savior is saving whom? Which infidel is worse, best, most likely to achieve? death during school.
Make war not love, mass genocide of Hitler’s japan with golden atoms, atomic threats possessed by general popular vote.
Xbox life live with killing while death wreaks havoc everyday from taxpayer’s pockets.
Bottle rockets explode imploded lands of 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 launch plagues imposed by God to free white men??
Qwerty, return me oh keyboard of death to wreak beautiful conquered mind rendered blind, amazing grace, lost and found.
Janus ripped half and half leaving lies spilled blood deep, deep, deep in the depths of abysmal peace.
Sub-created world of nonviolence, destroyed by created violence of love power, which slays hate.
Beautiful peace whispers, talks, shouts are heard from countries coming together without bombs.
Peace, peace, peace loves love; everlasting mortality of peace brings war, death, and famine.
Kill Death with his scythe and peacefully unarm his armed worshipers, leaving them bathing in blood, money.
Peace, love for all womankind, mankind, black-kind, brown, white, animal, earth-kind no war no more.
It is achievable, believe in it, faith healed wounds of terror stopped bleeding from love’s peace.
Love’s peace resides in us all; find it before we are divided and conquered, before the real fall.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quote of the Week

When we ask for the abolition of the state and it's organs, we are always told that we dream of a society composed of men better than they are in reality. But no; a thousand times, no. All we ask is that men should not be made worse than they are, but such institutions!

- Peter Kropotkin