Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For Christ's Sake

The following is a guest post poem.

Jordan Michelle Blaylock is a writer, a storyteller, a poet, a mystic, a Gnostic, and a seeker. 

For Christ's sake!
People get angry over a cartoon dog dying, but are apathetic to animals being cruelly tortured..
Apathetic to the starving animals in the street and the abandoned ones that need homes
But, God forbid, a cartoon dog dies on a popular show and all hell breaks loose.
For Christ's sake!
People celebrate a day of thanksgiving, then turn around, fight and trample others for the name of a bargain
People praise Jesus, then turn around and go out to eat, while millions world wide are starving
People talk of the poor with pity while blaming them
"Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?"
For Christ's sake!
Politicians talk of cutting aid to the poor and needy
Politicians refuse to take cuts from themselves
Politicians eat caviar and drink the best wine and alcohol
While laughing up on Capitol Hill,
And proclaiming Jesus as Lord
For Christ's sake!
People support these politicians
In oppressing a part of the community for who they love
In taking from the poor and needy
All in the name of Jesus
Spouting personal responsibility for the poor
Saying the state owes them nothing
Ignoring how the nations will be judged..
"Whatever you do unto the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto Me."
For Christ's sake!
Have we truly gotten so far lost
That it is more important to get a good deal
On an item that is made out of slave labor
On an item that is tested on a helpless animal
That it is more important to pay lower taxes?
So the rich can get richer
and the poor can get sick, starve, and die?
That we have to oppress a whole group of people
for who they love?
All in the name of Christ?
For Christ's sake..
Open your eyes and look with love
Look with compassion and see the Truth
This is not the way of Christ.
This is the way of evil
and we must turn from it
because all will be lost if we do not.
For Christ's sake..
Believers should stand with those of other faiths
Believers should not fear those who are different
but embrace them..
the poor and sick should be embraced..
Mercy and compassion shown to prisoners..
"What you do unto the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto Me."
For Christ's sake..
"Beware of whom you entertain..
For it may be angels unseen."