Tuesday, December 30, 2014

dancing with the mosquitoes

we often destroy that which we do not understand,

but have you ever tried dancing with the mosquitoes?

Monday, December 22, 2014

i want to forget all inhibitions and be magical!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Would Christians object to the systematic exploitation, toxification, and despoliation of heaven as I object to the same on earth?

- derrick jensen

Monday, November 24, 2014

a better way to live

forget about whether “the revolution" will ever actually happen—the best reason to be a revolutionary is simply that it is a better way to live now. 

it offers you a chance to lead a life that matters, gives you a relationship to injustice so you don’t have to deny your own grief and outrage, keeps you conscious of the give and take always going on between individual and institution, self and community, one and all. no institution can offer you freedom—but you can experience it in challenging and reinventing institutions.

 when school children make up their own words to the songs they are taught, when people show up by the tens of thousands to interfere with a closed-door meeting of expert economists discussing their lives, that’s what they’re  up to: rediscovering that self-determination, like power, belongs only to the ones who exercise it. 

shout it over the rooftops: culture can belong to us. we can make our own music, mythology, science, technology, tradition, psychology, literature, history, ethics, political power. until we do, we’re stuck buying mass-produced movies and compact discs made by corporate mercenaries, sitting faceless and immobilized at arena rock performances and sports events, struggling with other people’s inventions and programs and theories that make less sense to us than sorcery did to our ancestors, shamefacedly accepting the judgments of priests and agony columnists and radio talk show hosts, berating ourselves for not living up to the standards set by college entrance exams and glamour magazines, listening to parents and counselors and psychiatrists and managers tell us we are the ones with the problems, buying our whole lives from the same specialists and entrepreneurs we sell them to—and gnashing our teeth in secret fury as they cut down the last trees and heroes with the cash and authority we give them. these things aren’t inevitable, inescapable tragedies—they’re consequences of the passivity to which we have relegated ourselves.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

we're f#$&ing missionaries!

fight! for freedom, the only thing that's right.
and fight for your self, your own happiness, your own peace.
fight for the only thing inside of you that's still uncorrupted,
that light that burns dimly in the corner, noticed by you on only the darkest of nights.
but i see that light in the corner. i see it, and i see your future in it.
i see all of our futures in these dimly burning lights which the dark and oppressive powers have all but extinguished. but they weren't able to fully extinguish it yet, were they? 
not yet.
and unfortunately for the power mongers, the money hungry lard lovers, the craven capitalists, we just showed up and we noticed your light in the corner,
and we're missionaries. 
it's our job to try to get you to go pick up that dim oil lamp from the forgotten corner, and use it to light your way, until it becomes brighter and brighter and you start to see the world that was hidden from you all along. 
as missionaries, we're here to rescue you from hell.
and hell is the place that we create when we're not free.

jesus wants to save you from hell.
which essentially means that jesus wants you to yell an outloud and irreverent "fuck you!" to the corporation, the institution, the ideas of morality and control and dominance and inequality and everything that our parents taught us were the highest ideals, but always tasted like diarrhea, though we didn't dare to say it. 
and jesus wants us to live as if we have a reason to live.
busting capitalist shop windows and growing magical gardens and making love with everyone we know and eating foraged greens while singing liberation songs while sticking our heads out of the windows of fast-moving vehicles and drinking in the delicious air and living naked and arranging paint and pencil in nonsensical poetical arrangements and getting high as hell and writing stories and living a damn hard core story and trying to get ourselves killed in a way that tops even jesus - which is a little damn hard because he was fucking crucified and that's hard to get these days - but jesus wants us to die in a sweet way, naked and bloody, with the words freedom painted in our own red blood across the corporate landscape.
trust us, we're missionaries.
and how about those diarrhea morals from our dastardly deceived parents and pastors and everyone that tries to control us to make up for the inadequacies of their own lame and desperate life?
we always tried to pretend that the morals were sweet, and we even made damn convincing faces.
but diarrhea isn't sweet. technically... diarrhea tastes like shit! 
and you don't have to stick with that shit. you can get up, stand up, right fucking now, and you can walk out. walk out of this hell that you have created by doing what morbid pastors and demented politicians told you was right. walk the fuck out of hell,
and let's start building some heaven.
cuz we're missionaries and we want to go to heaven.

i said we're fucking missionaries! 
and goddammit, try and stop us if you dare, we're going to bloodyfucking heaven!

Friday, November 14, 2014

 A creature does not die “of” cancer—a creature dies by becoming cancer, when its cells begin reproducing sameness at the expense of diversity. A culture that sets up a million franchises with workers in matching uniforms executing identical tasks is a cancer out of control, a monster riding the humanity that gave birth to it into an untimely grave. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

a history of heartbeats and kisses

When the question of human nature comes up, the programmed always point us to their history books to show that all human beings ever do is fight, command, obey. Before we look at those books, let’s look a little closer at history itself: when they say history, which history do they mean? Time and space are both so vast that one could not hope to begin to record either in full: any record is inevitably selective in the extreme. Could one write a history of heartbeats, of kisses, of picnics? And yet aren't these, proportionately speaking, a much greater part of human history than anything in the history books? Today we are in the belly of a hierarchical leviathan, which naturally tells the stories of other hierarchical empires as “the” history of the human race: contests for economic and political power, books of laws and philosophical rationalizing, the trivia of the lives of “great men.” But the majority of human history has not been spent at the Battle of Hastings or the crossing of the Rubicon; most of the time, human beings were—and are, today, any time the boss has his back turned—just preparing food, flirting, daydreaming, playing or working on projects cooperatively. The times when slavemasters seized power and coerced masses of people have been exceptions—though Western civilization has seen a disproportionate number of these, to its discredit. Remember, our species has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, but
the kind of centralized power and social control we see today is only a few thousand years old—and only became globalized in the last few hundred. If some of the earliest historical records are of wars and conquests, it is because the first ones to catch the disease of so-called civilization were the first to feel compelled to conquer and keep tally. Unbelievably, these records are the only ones taken seriously by our tunnel-visionary historians, who discount the oral traditions and folklore common to healthy human communities; but we can tell by the very rarity of such records that they are not representative of what all human beings were doing in those days, let alone before—or today. Let’s speak of proportions again. The human race has been around for over one million years, but agriculture, let alone centralized culture, has only existed for about ten thousand: before that, we were all hunters/gatherers who let everything run wild, ourselves included. Even inside of the last ten thousand years, only a small minority of human communities have been as bellicose and coercive as this one—and even today, only a small part of human interactions actually express that violence and subservience. Thus we can see that, on every level, fighting, commanding, obeying comprise about one percent of human history. What about heartbeats, kissing, and picnics, then? Aren't those the heritage of our species?

 - excerpt from the zine Harbinger, by crimethINC Ex-Workers' Collective

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

the kingdom of god is within

we needn't look outward to see the universe.
we need only look inward.

we needn't look inward to find ourselves.
we need only look outward.

we needn't observe as if objectively, the universe surrounding us.
we need only feel it deep within ourselves.

and we needn't only feel the consciousness within us,
as if exploring some uncharted cavern...

we need only observe it,
in the wide open sky and the collisions of stars.

for our consciousness is but a map of the cosmos,

and the cosmos is but a map of our mind.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

the secret of the bliss of love

when you realize that the secret of the bliss of love lies in every morsel of the universe, in every flower, and in every cobweb, it is no longer necessary to clear out spaces for god. no longer must you silence the distractions. simply find god in the distractions and laugh at his trickiness! and embrace him in his disguise!

journal entry from june 14, 2014 / taos, new mexico

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

love is

love without form,
for love is in all forms.

love because it is our nature,
love because love is everything.

love without attachment,
for attachment strangles love.

love without jealousy,
for jealousy denies the true nature of love.

be never inclined to satiate the ego,
in your self,
in those you love,

for ego is the enemy of the eternal lover.

let your love become illumined
like a crystal held up to the sun

and know this, beloved:

that it is not the one you lie with that your love is for,
it is the eternal lover.

and it is not the child you bore that your love is for,
it is the eternal lover.

we are butterflies, beloved.
given the arduous task of kissing every beautiful thing we see.

so, kiss.
and let your kiss be full, be sweet

like the finest wine,
like the deepest sea.

let love's kiss linger upon the hearts
of every flower you meet

until their ecstasy is so great that they too
must let some petals fall to the ground

and let others grow
and be shapen into wings.

that they too must take flight
and lift free of their attachments,

their hearts transformed into
the heart of love herself,

their forms evolved into

love, love, love, beloved.

for love is what we're here for,

love is where we came from,

and love is where we're headed.

love is the hand that gave us these tender forms,
pulling us out of the shell of our seed,

out of the flesh of the earth,
into the sunlight.

love is the seed
and love is the soil.

love is the sun
and love is the rain.

love is the kiss that awakens us
and love is our final form.

be love, beloved,
as i am love.

then your eyes will be opened
and your heart will finally see

that i am you
and you are me.

is the perfection of love.

is how butterflies,
and galaxies
are born.


be loved.

be love.

- love (august 31, 2014)

Saturday, September 27, 2014


meditating in the jungle yesterday evening, i kept hearing my name drifting through the buzzing of mosquitoes. no big deal, i just thought the mosquitoes were calling my name. it turned out to be a small search party out urgently looking for me.
explaining very little, they had me hurriedly pack a bag and leave the village. as i was leaving my house, still unaware of the reasoning for my leaving, the children playing in the dormitory yard spotted me and they all turned and yelled "bubbye teacher!", blowing me kisses and waving. that's a moment i'll always remember, as tears welled up in my eyes and all i could manage was a faint wave and a fake reassuring smile. i was given a long sleeve shirt and bamboo farmers hat to cover my skin color and escorted back to the border by the karen rebel army under cover of darkness.
there have been some severe clashes between karen and burmese forces near the village, and me being an illegal foreigner living among them presented a great risk for the entire village. the burmese military has also been scouting out the village recently and most assuredly knew of my presence there. so i'm gonna have to live in exile for a while until the situation calms down. they seemed hopeful that it should be just a few days. i don't know if that hope is well founded or not. it seems unlikely, but i sincerely hope it's true. these are the largest clashes since a landmark ceasefire was signed nearly two years ago, and represents a significant setback in the progress towards peace and reconciliation.
this, the world's longest-running civil war (65 years) has gone on for far too long. there's a lot of bitterness and nationalism on both sides, and tension is high. yet a hope for peace and reconciliation is also very present.
please pray for peace. pray for love.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


The following is a guest post by Elisha Hurlocker.

elisha is a communist, an anarchist, and a pirate. he's a lover of people, god, and everything else. he currently lives with the karen people on the thai-burma border, and has been one of my closest friends since we were just whippersnappers.
 - shanti

What is evolution? For the sake of this article, lets define it as progression towards perfection. All of creation is constantly changing to be better suited for life on this beautiful mysterious blue rock we have come to know as home. Dinosaurs have transcended a life bound to earth, and have evolved into what we now call birds. Wolf-like predators who couldn't find enough food on land took to the waters, and have evolved into what we now call whales. And small, ape-like creatures came down from the trees, started to walk on two feet, became aware of their own existence, and some say they even transcend evolution. 

Or at least that is what us humans think. We think that we're somehow separate from nature, that because of our superior intelligence, we no longer have to play by the same rules as every other creature. We have become disconnected from Creation. And for possibly the first time in the history of our earth, de-evolution has taken place. Instead of changing towards perfection, we are changing towards destruction. Instead of living in union with creation, human beings have become somewhat of a virus. If we continue on our current path, our species will certainty die out, and possibly even bring the rest of creation with us. 

Throughout the history of everything that has ever lived, when a certain species is faced with a threat, it has two choices - evolve or die. And I think it's fair to say that we are facing an eminent threat. The survival of not only humans, but of all life on earth is under great danger. Scientists say we are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction in earth's history. In the past 500 years alone, an estimated 1,000 species have gone extinct, and that number is only rising. Polar caps are melting, which means a rise in sea levels, which means the flooding of coastal cities in the years to come. As if that weren't bad enough, we are about to go through a polar shift, which means a substantial decrease in earth's magnetic field, which means danger from solar winds. And to make things even worse, war, cooperate greed, and pollution all threaten not only the survival of the human race, but of all species on earth.

During times of evolution, the individuals of a certain species who are more able to change to fit the current conditions are more apt to survive. The ones who aren't able, or in our case, refuse to change, die out. But we are in a unique phase of evolution, because for the first time in earth's history, its not a matter of changing ourselves to be better suited to a naturally changing environment, but instead learning to live in harmony with our environment before it becomes too hostile to support our species.

Who are the ones who will change, and who are the ones who won't? Well, in a world where greed, hate, violence, and a never ending lust for power threaten all life on earth, the ones who love will be the ones who lead the way to a new humanity. Love, compassion, and unity with creation are the next phases in human evolution. For if we continue down the path of hate and greed, we will end up killing ourselves. Higher intelligence and changes in our physical appearance will do no good to prepare us for the coming changes. If we are to survive, our evolution must be internal. If we are to survive, we must learn to love. We must learn to cooperate with not only other humans, but with all of creation. We must learn compassion, empathy, and unity. We must learn to live a simple life, abandoning all of the stuff that only strengthens the separation that is threatening to end our race. 

As evolution shows, creation is always working towards perfection. And in a world where hate and violence threaten to destroy all life on earth, it is the ones who love who will lead the way to a new humanity. Love is the next phase in human evolution, because if we don't learn how to love, there will be no more humans left to evolve. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?"

- Danielle LaPorte

Sunday, May 11, 2014

run naked

this is actually a river in burma, not manitou.
but it's the closest i had.
sitting upon a boulder, surrounded by a crashing white river, beneath the hot sun, i wrote this poem:

i sometimes sit naked 
with god
and we laugh
and we make love
and i forget to wonder
if i'm on the right path
and i forget to feel
shame at my nakedness
and i forget everything
for that 

i wasn't actually naked when i wrote the poem. but, reading it over to myself, i smiled and thought... hey, why not?
i'm no stranger to spending time with god naked in the forest. there was only one problem - i was not that far from where people could potentially walk by and see me. so i stood up to cross the river in order to go down behind some large boulders where my nakedness would be shielded "from the eyes of the unclean". so i made a flying leap from one boulder to another, over the crashing waves. i was wearing my longyi, the burmese men's skirt that i often wear. if you've ever worn a skirt and tried to make leaps, i'm sure you know what came next.
my leaping legs came to a sudden halt as the unstretching skirt disallowed them from spanning too wide of a gap. my front foot didn't quite make it to the expectant boulder in front of me, and i dropped like a pine cone into the small waterfall, my chin striking the spot that had been preordained for my foot. my beard didn't break the fall very well, and as soon as i had climbed out of the water, i found that the blood upon the rock and my hands was flowing from beneath my unprotective beard.

since i couldn't see the wound on my chin, and there did seem to be a fair amount of blood, i hesitantly decided to abandon my naked meditation project and headed back to downtown manitou where i could have friends make sure that i wasn't going to die from blood loss. so as i walked back down the river and then down the road, i tried to avoid dripping any blood in my pocket notebook as i wrote this second poem, a piece of advice for any who may follow in my footsteps:

when you run to god,
run naked.
if you run with clothes on,
you're likely to get hurt.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Who Would Jesus Shoot? Part Four - Case Study

**This is part 4 of a 4-part series by Jeriah Bowser. Read part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here.**

Jeriah Bowser is a wilderness guide who teaches primitive living skills to people. He writes provocative and progressive articles for The Hampton Institute, and has a propensity for challenging not only the status quo, but the avant garde. Anarchist, Satyagrahi, healer, writer, primitivist.

Who Would Jesus Shoot?
Case Study

I will be the first to admit that I am no Jedi master of nonviolence. It is an ideal which I daily strive to
manifest, and yet seem to hourly miserably fail at. The times when I actually do actively love people when I want to respond with aggression or pacifism are beautiful moments, indeed. 

One such example happened last night, actually! I was at a local coffee shop with some friends, enjoying some tea and live music, and there was a severely inebriated man who was heckling the musician and causing a general ruckus. I chose to engage in his story and approached him, while my wife got him a coffee. After a bit of lively conversation, I gathered that Howard had nowhere to sleep for the night and was planning on robbing people to buy more alcohol to stay drunk all night. I decided that in the best interests of him and the community, it would be best if that plan was not carried to completion. 

As I stepped out of the coffee house to call the shelter and see if they could take him for the night, I watched the owner of the place walk over to Howard and begin asking him to leave. After a minute of watching the body language of the two, I had a feeling that Howard was becoming very escalated and this situation was about to become very violent and out of control. I quickly stepped back in and tried to gently inform the store owner that his customer was very drunk and not responding to his approach very well. I asked him if I could speak to Howard for a minute and try to help him leave the shop, as the detox unit was on their way to pick him up. He agreed, and I spent the next few minutes trying to deescalate him and gain his trust, so that we could walk out of the store, as opposed to the police coming in and arresting him, which would definitely end disastrously. 

This turned out to be a difficult task, as Howard was already escalated and aggressive. I could feel my anxiety and fear increasing, as he could have easily swung at me at any moment. I had to keep reminding myself that he was my brother who was hurt and confused, or else my ego and fear would have taken over and I would have responded to his aggression with my own. 

I slowly and gently helped him stand up and walk out of the shop, where the detox unit was waiting for him. After a brief exchange with the police where I coldly asked them what would happen to Howard and made them assure me that he would be taken care of, Howard and I shook hands and I walked back in the store to finish my tea. 

I had barely picked up my cup when I overheard the store owner speaking to a police officer, saying that he was going to press charges on Howard for threatening him. I was very upset at this turn of events, as I felt that the store owner had approached Howard very aggressively and had escalated him to an aggressive state as well. I do not believe that pushing someone deeper into the system is an effective way of helping heal an illness. I had a brief conversation with the store owner, where I asked him to not press charges, as it was not helpful to anybody but satiating his own bruised ego. He respectfully ignored my request, and I became very upset and angry at him, complaining to my wife and friends how much of a jerk he was being.

Now, lets examine the different stories that happened last night. There is the story of Howard, of whom I unfortunately do not know much about why or how he ended up where he was last night, in the state he was in. Yet from my brief interaction with him I gathered that he was very accustomed to being treated as less than human, and was no stranger to police brutality or being kicked out of establishments. One can argue that he chose his life and the consequences that come with it, and I would argue that every man is my brother, and no living creature should ever be treated in that way, no matter what their life choices are.

There is the story of the store owner, whom I also don’t know much about. From my conversations with him and hearing his employees describe him, I have gathered that he is a very high-strung, demanding employer who is constantly worried about keeping his small business afloat, and was worried that a drunk heckler might endanger his business and his reputation. He is probably very familiar with situations like that, and doesn't have time to sit down and talk to every drunk or deranged person who comes into his store. 

And then there is my story. I have an innate sympathy towards marginalized and oppressed people, and an innate distrust of any authority/power figure, whether that be a business owner,  a police officer, or government entity. This is something that I must be aware of, as it affects how I approach people and situations. I approached this situation with an automatic sympathy for Howard, and an automatic distrust of the store owner and the police unit who came to pick him up (it was a huge compromise for me to even call the detox unit, but there was no other option for him at the time, and I figured it would be better at this stage then in a few hours when he had robbed someone.)

When I saw the store owner engaging Howard in an aggressive way, I saw a story about to unfold that involved violence, arrests, and spilling my tea. I felt that I could diffuse the situation in a non-violent way that would be beneficial for all parties, and so I stepped in and attempted to use my de-escalation skills to write a different story. And on a very basic level, I succeeded. There are many layers to this story that one could dissect and critique, and I will be the first to admit that there are many other things I could have done, and Howard will, unfortunately, probably be on the street again in a week or so. However, for the purpose of this discussion, a violent situation was avoided and Howard is hopefully getting the help he needs right now. 

But what about my interactions with the store owner and police? I didn't validate the owner's feelings and experience at all, I labeled him as an oppressor who was trying to shove someone further into the system, and never let him out of that box. I was hostile and distrustful to the police, and interrogated them on what would happen to Howard and what his rights were. I repeatedly complained about the store owner pressing charges to my wife and friends, until my wife finally told me to shut up. Although I created peace in one area, I simultaneously created division in several others. 

I guess the moral of that story is that it is never easy. Even Gandhi constantly struggled to maintain his objective and loving view of the British as he was fighting against them, and was constantly reminding himself that he was fighting for truth, not against people. And… it is possible!

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world,” wrote Anne Frank. 

If all I have done by writing these articles is stimulate a few neurons and tickle your altruistic fantasies, then I have failed. There are thousands of opportunities for you to practice non-violence in your world today. Now I invite you to share your stories, questions, hopes, fears, and insecurities and opinions on non-violence, that crazy rabbi Yeshua, and how to apply his teachings to this crazy world we share. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

beatnik philosophers

this is a poem i wrote while away in Burma, commemorating the vagabond lifestyle, specifically reminiscent of manitou springs, colorado. after staying by the river in manitou again for a couple weeks amidst my travels, i chalked the poem on the sidewalk when i left town as a gift to those i love in the small, crazy town. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

hewn in veins of blood

the law is a social code put into place by those who have property and personal interests to protect. contrary to what those who hold the scepter proclaim, the law is written neither by god, nor by popular opinion. anyone with even a cursory knowledge of capitalist politics understands that the laws are made through a series of money transfers and corporate-friendly loopholes, and are then enforced through again another set of bribes and underhanded deals. it is of course in the interest of the state to promote the idea that the law is established by general consensus, mirroring the universal consciousness of the nation - even among an educated population, the law is seen with a sort of divinity, as though god is personally invested in the law of any given state. yet, when the will of two different states contradict, of course god always seems to jump to the side of whomever has the bigger weapons and deeper pockets. strange, it seems, that god would seek to exert his will through corporate corruption, bourgeois bribes, and devious drones. 
when the issue of borders and immigration arises, there is of course no question as to the justice of the laws which are in place, or the reason which the laws were originally set and still remain in place, because as we've already established, the law is supposedly put in place by god. you can't question god. the question of 'illegals', or undocumented immigrants, is most often settled without ever questioning the purpose of those laws.
"If they want to be in our country, they should do it legally. The law has been established by the Lord, and is in place for a reason."
but please do tell: what reason is there ever to draw lines through a grassy plane, dividing the elm from the oak, the orchard from the pasture? the two farmers standing in a field looking out at their land are suddenly divided by some arbitrary and imaginary line, and from that time on are each subject to the whims of a different set of corporations, politicians, and clubhappy police officers. if one of these farmers then seeks to travel to his neighbor's farm, he is breaking the law of the land, and henceforth the law of god. but what god would interest herself in policies which divide, fragment, and commercialize her earth? if she so desired, she should have drawn the lines herself in veins of black stone, to indicate from the very beginning that she didn't intend for us to dwell together in peace or friendship, but intended instead for us to focus our efforts and natural resources on competition and oppression. 

but the lines which designate borders, drawn arbitrarily down fields and through mountains are instead hewn in veins of blood. what truly separates the first farmer from the second? the first farmer's son, commanded by the state, now murders the nephew of the second farmer in the battlefield. to what gain? in what interest? both had fought for their respective nation because they were ordered to by their divinely-inspired government. never mind that god for some reason unknown sent only the poor and uneducated to fight. never mind that he pitted them against each other. "Nay," both sides assure themselves, "the Lord is on our side."
but if one of our farmers seeks to cross the invisible border, she is now in conflict with the interest of nationalism (read: racism), and has thus been stripped of her right to place her feet upon the earth. so if an agent of the state seeks to apprehend her, he is more than justified in doing so. what right has she to tread upon the land of a foreign tyrant? does she, in her illiterate ignorance, not understand that capitalists have a vested interest in the division of states? if they permit free tread, next it will be free trade. god forbid. if the state cannot account for each human within it's blood-drawn borders, how can it fully exercise it's right, it's duty to oppress and extort? 
if the mexican enters the land of the white, how can the white government ensure white supremacy? there must be documentation for immigrants, in order to maintain the present order of oppression. whites should be oppressed by their government on an appropriate scale meant for whites. but mexicans must not be oppressed on the scale of white oppression, unless they are willing to give up their own culture and crawl like a rat through the maze of submission to prove that they acknowledge white superiority. only then may the mexican be allowed to live in the white's land and be oppressed under the white code of oppression.
the white state doesn't ask much of them. the state merely asks that they acknowledge white cultural superiority, before they can live in our land. in fact, in our magnanimity, we allow a selection of people from any race. humans from around the world are allowed to live upon our land and submit themselves to the local exploitation of our government, as long as they agree to place the yoke of western superiority upon their brown shoulders. 
under the current order, the american state is hard-pressed to ward off foreign invasion of culture and capital. there was even a case within the last few years that, amongst the indiscriminate killings instigated by remote control toy killer airplanes, an american citizen was targeted and killed. of course, he was not white-skinned, and not in the country at the time. but he, as a citizen, was an honorary white. nevertheless, the state deemed it necessary to kill him because he allegedly had friends who didn't approve of america's attempts at global domination. we showed them. but what a shame, because he was a citizen.
there is no shame in the other thousands killed by these killer toy airplanes, or the millions killed in the massacres in vietnam, cambodia, afghanistan, indonesia, or even the brown-skinned people who originally inhabited american soil. not shame, but national pride is in order for such discriminate killings. such instances are unavoidable though, and not in any way contrary to the stated ideal. i don't in any way mean to imply that the white government is opposed to oppressing whites. i only mean to say that there is an essential order which must be adhered to. 
in our post-modern society, we have moved past the prejudices of our past. a black man or a hispanic woman can now have the same opportunities that in the past were only afforded to white males. sex and skin color can be somewhat overlooked now, for it is truly the heart that matters. anyone who has proven to have surrendered their own culture or gender in favor of white culture and a man's position, is warmly embraced into the western culture as an honorary white.
in the hierarchy of the state, there are several factors determining a human's position. first, of course, is their humanity. this qualification immediately sets them as intrinsically far higher than any of the feral lower life forms - animals, forests, river systems, death row inmates, etc. second, is that they have adopted the ideal of westernism and forsaken their own cultures and values. third, and of course closely related to the second, is that they have acquired significant capital. the fourth is the willingness to use that capital and position to oppress others. even if one meets all the former criteria, if they are not willing to accept the position offered them and partake in the systems of oppression, the former are all made void. the fifth, sixth, seventh, and all the way down, aren't as strictly arranged, but still play an important part in the hierarchy of oppression. 
it should be noted that the forces which promote such oppressive systems and ideologies are rarely evil overlords or people with dark makeup, black trenchcoats, and menacing smiles. It should further be noted that those with dark makeup, black trenchcoats, and menacing smiles, are typically those on the bottom of the hierarchy; indeed it is their bones capitalism is built upon. the thieves, drug-addicts, prostitutes, and terrorists may in fact be some of the less-corrupted souls left among the masses of asses. 
i leave you now with the following questions. and may your search for the answers involve much sweat and many tears. and potentially some handcuffs.

what place does the state have in regulating which farmer may cross which blood-hewn boundary? 

what place does the state have sacrificing the blood of the poor in order to secure it's own interests? 

how can a group of rich, corrupt, dishonest, and removed men create systems which promote equality?

why would they want to?

what interest do you have in recognizing oppressive laws (such as immigration laws)?

does god determine the political destiny of a nation?

why then, does he choose the wealthy, sociopathic, and violent to lead?

what is the role of an honest and just person living in a society of oppression and domination?

what are you going to do about it?

"In a society that imprisons unjustly, the only place for an honest person is in prison." 
- Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, April 10, 2014

david, goliath, and the state

ask any reasoning, well-meaning person, "do you do the right thing because the state instructs you to do so, or of your own accord? do you know the right thing because of something inside of yourself, or because some professional crooks who profit from violent coercion told you what is right? who could have a more relevant and understanding opinion on what is the most right thing for you, if not yourself?"

"yes," they may say, "but i cannot trust that all others will listen to that voice of truth. in fact the very world outside my door bears witness that the masses of humanity don't listen to that voice. for that reason, then, we have the state." the implication then would be that the most effective way to uphold the force of truth and morality is to use force. that is a foolish assertion though, as anyone who witnesses the modern world and has half a wit understands that the one whose will triumphs is simply the one with bigger muscles and better technique.

let's look at the story of david and goliath. the story gives a picture of someone who initially would appear to have only minute chance of winning; however, he is on the side of morality, the side of god. the story suggests that he won against the evil goliath because he was the moral party, and further suggests that although the immoral may seem to triumph for a time, the moral and right party will always come out on top.

looking at the story again however, we can see that david, although small in stature, had at least average intelligence. when he found himself face to face with a giant, he thus did not engage in hand-to-hand combat, but employed a tactic he knew he had the upper-hand in. that is, ranged weaponry. he won because of his skill and his sensibility, not because of his morality.

which raises the question: which party truly stood in the moral ground on that famous day? the israelites or the philistines? surely, the israelites were certain that they were in the right and that their enemy was in the wrong. but what did the philistines say? did they not also believe that they were in the right and that the israelites were evil? looking back, it is dec almost unanimously that david was the moral party, because he was the winner. and as an old burmese proverb says, the winners get to write history.

the question that arises is, what if goliath, in addition to his enormous size, had enough wit to counter david's methods? what if goliath ended up blocking the stone with his shield and charging david, and the story ended with david's head impaled on a stick in the midst of a bloody battleground? well, then the story would go that the philistines were chosen by god to bring goodness to the earth by destroying the evil israelites. the question of who was in the right then is not at all objective, but is determined by brains and mostly braun.

the state, by definition, is always the greatest aggressor and the most frequent victor. it is not determined by any god or moral code, but by the iron fist. if the people rebel, they are first considered to be the immoral disruptors. but in the case that they win their struggle against the current order, their ideals are compromised, incorporated into the entity of the state, and become the new standard for morality.

what then does morality mean? within the current order, it means nothing more than 'champion', 'most oppressive', 'most gifted in manipulation and coercion', 'wealthiest'.

so you say that the state is necessary because your opinion of what is right often differs from others'? the question of differing morality is indeed a very important question that should be asked, thoughtfully discussed, and it should be determined how to give freedom to every individual though they may differ in opinion. however, will the force of the state, the aggression of the aggressor, ever contribute to the discovery of the greater good? alas, there is no way it ever will.

we must do what we know is right from within ourselves. others must do what they know is right from within their selves. there will still be problems, many of them. there will still be conflicts, often. but, at least we will be working through these conflicts in constructive ways rather than merely pushing the moral opinions of the stronger upon the weaker by use of coercion and violence.

what is life but conflict? contrary forces are continually acting against each other in nature, comprising all we've ever known as life. conflict is nothing to shirk from. oppression, domination - these are the things we need avoid.

the state has nothing to offer us but blood. let us offer it our fire.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Conspiracy Theorist No More

The following is a guest post.

Brook Louis Conner is a mystic at heart, a scholar in the mind and a writer by nature. He is searching for truth, justice, love, equality, and to be forever in the present, and is contemplating renouncing everything, becoming a 'pilgrim to the world'.

"Peace and Love bring forth happiness; however, so does a pen, paper and a good conversation."

To my beloved anarchists and peace builders,

After many years of pursuing the truth behind the Illuminati/New World Order, I have finally liberated my mind of such childish acts. “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things” 1 Corinthians 13:11. I bought into the thought that there is a secret society running the world in a Satanic manner. I was in opposition to the bringing together of nations for peace, just because I felt as if the apocalyptic texts in the bible were speaking about today’s times. After my involvement of studying these eschatological books at an academic level rather than searching my own interpretation, I have come to realize that those books were written in a different time and place, and they were not talking about the year 2012. Why in the world would a prophet over 2000 years ago worry about Obama, UN, Gun Laws, Iran, Oil, etc.? Those stories are of a totally different era and served their purpose for totally different people. Throughout history there has been an apocalypse fever that has struck the world. Everyone thinks that they are living in the end times. Well I’m pretty sure that their predictions were wrong; seeing as we all are still alive. Should one then discount every apocalyptic text in the bible or any other religion? We most certainly shall not! Speaking from a biblical sense, there are truths at the heart of the eschatological books. Mostly that truth is justice for the poor, widows, and orphans. So we shouldn’t discredit the biblical accounts; however we shouldn’t assume that they are speaking of the present times.

 Regardless of the biblical accounts, one can still question the corruption and unnecessary suffering that is happening all over the world today. Because of all of these atrocities, people have found a way to blame someone/something for its presence, and for many it is the Illuminati. From a New World Order to the Free Masons, they are in control of the world’s financing, politicking, and new technology (ie. facial recognition or RFID chips). Conspiracy theorists have concluded that these satanic elitist men are in control of our lives. Well, I’m finally selling my shares of this uneducated stock and buying into reality. In Uganda I have seen people who have risen out of suffering to achieve great things. I have also met with people who are still struggling to rise to their full potential. Is it the Illuminati, who apparently control the world, causing this? I cannot say so! The fact is that there are corrupt people in high places. The evil lies with the politicians who have homosexuality illegal. The evil lies within the politicians who allow the suffering of millions of people in order to receive billions of dollars for aid and divert the funds into their own pockets. Here, I have seen a force connected with global politicians that are playing chess with their own citizens’ lives. It goes beyond a conspiracy theory! It is a theory of suffering. A theory of pain for profit; not only within Uganda but every other country. So why are Christians, who claim to love and cherish every form of life, so against peace? If a world government is formed to implement peace throughout the world and give every single one of God’s children food to eat and a place to sleep, then Hallelujah! Must we wait/cause the apocalypse to happen in order for a few of God’s chosen to be sent to heaven? Or can man do as the most holy texts say and to live in peace with one another. To love your neighbor, is that so hard? We live in a individualistic society in the US. I have realized that people are controlled not by the illuminati, but by internet, games, phones, and even religion. The Ugandans have implemented a sense of community that has changed my life forever. A community that is impossible in the US because of our individualistic idols.

So I challenge you conspiracy theorists, especially the Christian ones who desperately want the world to end (which if in biblical terms would cause the suffering of billions). Why are you foolishly concerned with how the world is controlled by a society that has not been proven to exist by scholars? The conspiracy is your idol and your worship is the demonizing the already suffering. Instead of yearning for the end times and researching other uneducated BS, move your body and soul with what the prophets and Jesus were talking about. Don’t be concerned about the Apocalypse. Be concerned about your neighbor that will get the nodding disease, go hungry, or sleep without shelter. Pray for the poor, widowed, and orphans. There is a bigger world out there and it doesn't revolve around a satanic controlled secret society.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Quote of the Week

“Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.” 
― Rumi

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Love Before Fire

The following article is reposted from The Beautiful Adventure.

Elisha is a communist, an anarchist, and a pirate. He's a lover of people, God, and everything else. He currently lives with the Karen people on the Thai-Burma border, and has been my best friend since we were just whippersnappers.
 - shanti

What we believe about God, salvation, and Judgment have radical implications on our day to day life. Mainstream Christianity teaches about a god who loves humanity so much, that he sacrificed his own son in our place. Because of this sacrifice, we are saved from the Wrath and Judgment of God, so long as we believe. We must have faith in Jesus, the son of the god of Christianity. We must believe that we are inheritly evil, and that we are in need of a savior. We must have faith that this god sent his son to die for an evil humanity, and that through his death, we are free from the wrath of God. Anyone who does not accept the free Gift of Salvation, given to us by the death of Jesus will be under the Judgment of God. And what is this Judgment?

An eternity in Hell for a lifetime of mistakes. 

This is Judgment, and unless you believe in Jesus, this will be your fate. This, according to most Christians is why Jesus had to die. He had to die because we are evil, and somebody needed to be punished. He needed to die because we are full of sin, and only by His death, can we be free. 

But what if Judgment and Wrath and Hell have little to do with the death of Jesus? What if his death had tangible, realistic implications in how we ought to live our lives, compelling us to be more loving, compassionate, and forgiving to those around us? Maybe Jesus didn't die to save us from the wrath of an angry god. And maybe Jesus didn't even die to save us from our sin. Maybe the death of Jesus has significance that is far more compelling than what we were taught to believe. 

And, what might that significance be, if not "to save us from the wrath of God"? Maybe the reason Jesus died and rose again is to show us that another way of doing life is possible. A way of life that transcends violence as a means to peace, and a way of life that refuses to watch in complacency as the world goes to hell. Jesus was killed because he gave a shit. He stood up for the poor, outcasts, and sinners. He pointed out all of the injustices of the current(and still current) religious institution, exposed the hypocrisy of the religious leaders, and taught of another way of life, which he called 'The Kingdom of God'. He refused to pay homage to Caesar, who was than considered to be 'Messiah' and 'King'. His blatant and offensive remarks to both the Roman and Jewish authorities caused him to be both loved and hated. And because of this, he was killed.

But, Death is not the end of the story. As the story goes, Jesus didn't stay dead. And, why might this be? Because the Power of Life and Love and Creativity and Joy are stronger than Death. Jesus rose from the Grave to show us that we too, have Power over Death. That we too, can live another way of Life. That even if we die, the fruits of our Life will live on forever.

When I hear religious folks talk about how grateful they are that Jesus saved them from Hell, I can't help but think, " That's great and all, but its not very compelling." That belief doesn't transform me into a more loving, compassionate, courageous person. That belief doesn't compel me to love my brothers and sisters. It just makes me feel like shit, because Jesus had to die instead of me. 

 But when I believe Jesus died because he believed in his message, and that he rose again to show us that another way of life is possible, a way of life that overcomes even death, I feel compelled to change. I am encouraged to boldly live the life Jesus modeled. I feel like I have the courage to stand up for the poor and marginalized. 

What we believe about Jesus makes all the difference in how we live our lives. The question is, as Rob bell says, "...which path has the capacity to transform you into a more loving, peaceful, courageous person."

Saturday, February 22, 2014


The following is a (censored) beat poem inspired by the beat poets (of course), specifically Allen Ginsberg's famous Howl. Read the original (explicit but worth it) version of this poem here.

Brook Louis Conner is a mystic at heart, a scholar in the mind and a writer by nature. He is searching for truth, justice, love, equality, and to be forever in the present, and is contemplating renouncing everything, becoming a 'pilgrim to the world'.

"Peace and Love bring forth happiness; however, so does a pen, paper and a good conversation."

America, oh America land of the free and home of the slave, where dreams come true amongst bang, bang, bang.
The click, clack, pow! of a child’s new toy rackets the dead awake, and dead again.
Gun laws restricting the killing, murdering, maiming without restrictions at all.
Religion of naked avatars roam streets and return to the infant’s mangers, sure to be worshiped by the power hungry.
Satan, jealous with the loss of followers to a more pretentious slave master, gun holder, and psycho killer.
Down, down, down Babylon! cries no one heard amongst the terrible tyrant of God, chastising the righteous.
Sex of thieves ravish the unwanted born pregnancies that are conceived in the dark.
Election of who’s worst is best served over brain dead adults who yearn for newscasters spewing nonsense
Penniless, penniless, penniless children cry hungry for a home next to public’s Publix.
Next door neigh hoarding for the doomed end of humanity, hiding behind ammo that kills infidels.
Cash cropping of bodies that have a mother, father, brother, sister dead and gone because United we Stand.
Invasion of homes burn, burn, burn of 100 degree sun middle of North, South, and West.
Howl, yelp, help this civilization of half evolved apes that kill for fun retreating for none.
Earth shattered, tattered, torn through ages of famine; which only reaches the poor whore trying to feed while he that pays for her spits and shuns her while richly providing food for his own fat ass.
Righteous divinely inspired by God Himself His-tory burned on a child’s brain caused hatred scorn for nonbelievers.
Happily dictated over knowing not never now, who? Where, why, and how? Unbelieving its happening now.
Mad by words devised to make heal hope for mission-less Africans; come cure witchcraft pagan fueled AIDS.
Now now, calm son and daughter jumping from rooftops just to be heard while none hear.
Gay sex abominable yet curable by the Lord and His one true love,
Misunderstood men, women, children promised to heal while being hurt.
Circle of life round, round, round, I’m back at the start, suffering reproduction with those not.
Circle of death concocted immortality playing the role of money, fortune, greed passed to generations not in need.
Bank vaults of women’s wombs raped by white Gods, turning half man half god into savior.
Whose savior is saving whom? Which infidel is worse, best, most likely to achieve? death during school.
Make war not love, mass genocide of Hitler’s japan with golden atoms, atomic threats possessed by general popular vote.
Xbox life live with killing while death wreaks havoc everyday from taxpayer’s pockets.
Bottle rockets explode imploded lands of 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 launch plagues imposed by God to free white men??
Qwerty, return me oh keyboard of death to wreak beautiful conquered mind rendered blind, amazing grace, lost and found.
Janus ripped half and half leaving lies spilled blood deep, deep, deep in the depths of abysmal peace.
Sub-created world of nonviolence, destroyed by created violence of love power, which slays hate.
Beautiful peace whispers, talks, shouts are heard from countries coming together without bombs.
Peace, peace, peace loves love; everlasting mortality of peace brings war, death, and famine.
Kill Death with his scythe and peacefully unarm his armed worshipers, leaving them bathing in blood, money.
Peace, love for all womankind, mankind, black-kind, brown, white, animal, earth-kind no war no more.
It is achievable, believe in it, faith healed wounds of terror stopped bleeding from love’s peace.
Love’s peace resides in us all; find it before we are divided and conquered, before the real fall.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quote of the Week

When we ask for the abolition of the state and it's organs, we are always told that we dream of a society composed of men better than they are in reality. But no; a thousand times, no. All we ask is that men should not be made worse than they are, but such institutions!

- Peter Kropotkin

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quote of the Week

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."
 -Dresden James

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For Christ's Sake

The following is a guest post poem.

Jordan Michelle Blaylock is a writer, a storyteller, a poet, a mystic, a Gnostic, and a seeker. 

For Christ's sake!
People get angry over a cartoon dog dying, but are apathetic to animals being cruelly tortured..
Apathetic to the starving animals in the street and the abandoned ones that need homes
But, God forbid, a cartoon dog dies on a popular show and all hell breaks loose.
For Christ's sake!
People celebrate a day of thanksgiving, then turn around, fight and trample others for the name of a bargain
People praise Jesus, then turn around and go out to eat, while millions world wide are starving
People talk of the poor with pity while blaming them
"Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?"
For Christ's sake!
Politicians talk of cutting aid to the poor and needy
Politicians refuse to take cuts from themselves
Politicians eat caviar and drink the best wine and alcohol
While laughing up on Capitol Hill,
And proclaiming Jesus as Lord
For Christ's sake!
People support these politicians
In oppressing a part of the community for who they love
In taking from the poor and needy
All in the name of Jesus
Spouting personal responsibility for the poor
Saying the state owes them nothing
Ignoring how the nations will be judged..
"Whatever you do unto the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto Me."
For Christ's sake!
Have we truly gotten so far lost
That it is more important to get a good deal
On an item that is made out of slave labor
On an item that is tested on a helpless animal
That it is more important to pay lower taxes?
So the rich can get richer
and the poor can get sick, starve, and die?
That we have to oppress a whole group of people
for who they love?
All in the name of Christ?
For Christ's sake..
Open your eyes and look with love
Look with compassion and see the Truth
This is not the way of Christ.
This is the way of evil
and we must turn from it
because all will be lost if we do not.
For Christ's sake..
Believers should stand with those of other faiths
Believers should not fear those who are different
but embrace them..
the poor and sick should be embraced..
Mercy and compassion shown to prisoners..
"What you do unto the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto Me."
For Christ's sake..
"Beware of whom you entertain..
For it may be angels unseen."