Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Red Hawk

It was an unsuspecting Sunday, much like any other I don't know If I needed fresh air or a refreshing view I walked out of guarded white doors into a temple far more vast In my line of site a shallow tree line, wind swayed the branches There landed a Hawk, his majesty showed in the many season Silently we gazed, the crawling moments were composed of years Me, my manufactured clothes and artful artificial eyes I'm but an ignorant immigrant so far from my ancestoral hall Where he was clothed in the magnificence of his nature This remnant of an age that passed two-hundred years ago Panther, wolf and bear all gone, as are the men of this forest The endless sky, High Powers, kept him from the evil ones sight Their deconstruction rules the day, physical and spiritual Overgrown by techno-spaghetti, plugged in from birth till death The electric pulses keeping us alive yet stealing our souls A ruffle of wings, the dream-spell broken, bright blue sky his glory Seeking his place among the heavens where he is ever free Leaving me a lifetime of questions, these mysteries unsolved Progress or destruction? for once the middle ground I could not hold Once high ground, continants drift, the central terrain a killing feild A fateful shore, a gray landscape, colors in flight flee our world,
hopefully this is not ......
                        ...... the end

by Steven R. Cebula