Thursday, September 26, 2013

Turn Back

I returned to the forest of my youth Verdant prism of flourishing greens Those lovely airs were reposed in my sleep I paused and pondered the civilized dreams Summer, Spring, and Fall - even bleak winter Entered my being and released my spirit A quiet breeze brushed me, I felt complete I waxed and wondered - Why do we forget? Let us Turn Back - She cries Turn Back Eyes with vision is what we lack This life giver is raped and sacked Spewing smoke-stacks, those spires of black Upon dark thrones - dark lords cough and hack Willful ignorance, deeds and acts My feet tread upon an ancient pathway Little known worlds beneath streets and concrete At the center of this long lost culture My conscious pricked, I followed a drumbeat I found and egalitarian folk Clansmen, freemen - tribe by affiliation Seminomadic - embracing earth and sky Bound only by geometric constructions* Let us Turn Back or fade to black Reality, it fissures and cracks Despoiled Mother counter-attacks Vengence black - skyscrapers to shacks Woe to us - too late to Turn Back? Woe to hands that brandish the axe I stretched out my arms to the bright blue The naked sun burned, my heart overwhelmed Vines entangled - a creative design I confessed evils we moderns have done Turn from evil, turn from our wilted way To the Garden before serpents found us Our dark desires we cast on the earth We bind nature as evil has bound us
by Steven R Cebula
anarchist, poet, student of Truth
* The Hopewell Native Americans (circa 100 bc - 500 ad) constructed geometric earthworks that exist to this day.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Shall Sing On Night's Decay

The author, Saw Jack on the left, and some of his classmates
on the school soccer field
Give me the day that was taken away;

Lengthen the night and shorten the day.

Every birdy speaks bliss to me,

And I desire to live peacefully.

I shall smile when wreaths of snow

Anywhere, tell me where I should go;

I shall sing when night's decay

Ushers in a drearier day.

Saw Jack, grade 11B has been studying English for only a few years, 
but is one of the 
brightest students in his class. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ask the Right Questions

If only one could be found who could clearly see the world around him. If he would but open his eyes for but a moment, he would begin to clearly understand that the so-called necessary effects of our society, nearly every single tradition we hold as our own in this modern society, was procured not from some necessity or poetic tradition, but from some man or institution's insatiable appetite for an increase in capital. If one would only take a single material possession of his and trace back it's lineage, he would soon find it's grandfather to be no more than a profit motive. If one were to analyze the necessity of such items, he would find their defenses and justifications quickly breaking down. But will these questions ever be asked?

I am all too often asked my reason for not wearing shoes. Each time, i furrow my brow, unsure as to why i need a justification for walking in my natural state. I typically reply by asking the inquisitor why they are wearing shoes. They stumble for an answer, but usually come out with "To protect my feet" or "To keep my feet clean." I am usually too polite, but on a few occasions i have retorted "Which one of us has fungus growing on our feet right now, and which one's feet are naturally exfoliated and cleaned with every step?" In complete disclosure, I have no reason for walking barefoot other than that i was born that way. You, my shod friend, are the one who should be providing some reasonable justification for morphing your spine, feeding fungi, and spending your money and time on such funny looking foot-cages. Earth longs to again have contact with her child, your body. And your flesh, unbeknownst to you, longs again to rest upon the breast of it's mother.

Am i also to give a reason for my refusal to pay rent, live in a house, and exchange my precious hours for some meaningless green paper? Indeed, it is true that this lifestyle affords me to have great encounters with numbers of Beautiful people - vagabonds, missionaries, time-travellers, magicians (more commonly known as musicians), and even runaway soccer moms - all of whom are searching for Truth and therefore have let down the fearful defenses that are inherent in the common man. This lifestyle has many secondary benefits, all of which are merely bonuses, but the American Dream has not been rejected for any of these reasons. Indeed, if you were to ask me why i've rejected the pleasures and comforts of civilized life, i would ask you why you've rejected the mystical, poetical, and liberating pleasures of your childhood. Again, why must i give a justification for refusing to add ill-suited and destructive practices to my natural human state? First, please explain to me exactly what benefits you reap from heaping such exoteric and ostentatious practices upon your true Self, which is now cowering unfed, naked, and hungry in some dark and undiscovered corner of your long-forgotten heart. 

When a member of modern society sees a homeless man walking down the road, barefoot and barebacked, with no possessions in this world other than Truth, i would recommend that they stop encouraging him to "Get a job!" These fools don't recognize that this homeless man is already employed in the most ancient and noble of all professions. They would be embarrassed to learn that his salary is not only significantly larger than theirs, but that his paycheck is Freedom, a legitimate currency; while, the currency they work for was illegitimately procured from a game not much unlike the game of Monopoly they used to play as children (a game they have yet to graduate from). When a more compassionate citizen stops for only a moment to give a few dollars to the street minstrel, yet does not stay to listen to his magic nor his philosophy, she only robs herself. Indeed, the sages of our time - the few who remember what it is to be human - are most often found in the streets and in the wilderness, under bridges and under the crescent moon, far from oaken desks, electronics stores, and the suburbs.

The nonparticipants of society are routinely interrogated for their supposed counterculturalism. I'd like to suggest that the counterculturalists aren't instigating anything new or counter-anything at all, and thus have nothing to be interrogated for. The answers to all the inquiries are inherent in the questions themselves. I'd like to suggest that members of society start asking themselves some reasonable questions, and successively begin discarding that which is found to be parasitic or extraneous. 

I've heard it said that humans are the only creatures on this earth who pay rent to live here. Consider that long and hard. Then start asking questions.