Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Good to be Home

At a tea shop in Mae Sot with my Aussie sister Maddie
and the Beautiful Eh Soe Paw
It's already becoming hard to comprehend that i spent half of the past year back in America. Somehow the
two worlds don't seem to mesh. When i'm in America, Thailand seems like a distant dream. Yet when i come back here, it feels like i never left. Cruising on my motorbike along the Moei river, marveling at Myanmar's mystical mountains and attempting to dodge as many potholes as possible, this is where i feel at home. Pulling into my small village where the dogs chase me and the villagers smile at me, i feel as though this is where i grew up. Teaching English is as challenging and fun as it ever was, and i'm finding my teaching skills have already greatly improved over last year. Teaching "Oppression and Liberation History" to displaced, oppressed, yet impassioned youth in the middle of finding their own liberation is a brand new challenge, requiring countless hours of studying, conglomerating, and rewriting history in simple English. The Love and forgiveness these young refugees have for their oppressors, their Peaceful tendencies, and their status as the first educated generation of their people, overwhelms me as i have the honor to serve them in this historical time.
Jamming some Bob Dylan with Star, who will never be a good
harpist unless he can learn to suppress his laughter for
longer than ten seconds

Dancing like a maniac in the youth-led worship services never gets old. Singing old folk songs with a guitar, blues harp, and a bunch of friends late into the night every night is the stuff of legends. I'm teaching guitar to several different friends, and engaging in good conversations with many of them who will come to the 'Teacher House' just to hang out. I'm currently staying and teaching at a different school, Thoo Mweh Khee, than i was teaching at last year, although i still consider Klee Thoo Klo to be my home, and visit there a few times per week. There are other foreigners staying here at Thoo Mweh Khee as well, which, along with the students here having much better English, allows me to engage in real conversations with little difficulty! In addition, the house i'm staying in is made of real wood, we rarely run out of water, and there's even a small kitchen. There are rarely snakes or thousands of bugs in the house, and there's even electricity. Several steps up from my living situation at Klee Thoo Klo - which isn't necessarily a good thing. I'm praying and hoping that i'll be living and teaching at Klee Thoo Klo again next semester, but until then, i'm ecstatic to be here at Thoo Mweh Khee.

Tremendous thanks to all who've helped me get here, and all who are praying for me. I Love and miss all my family in America and around the world. I miss my adventures and inspiring talks with the Beautiful hippies and vagabonds of Manitou and downtown Denver. I miss the family who share my last name (and/or the Htoo last name) - Mom, +Dad, +Jeriah, +Marea, +Johanna, Catherine, Say Doe, Mahsa, Hai Ku, Poe Lee Yeh, Eh D'Mwi. I miss the Christian community i found at our house church, The Mill, Ekklessia, and other random worship nights. I miss the community of refugees and friends in Denver. I miss the traveling kids and homeless bums of Miami Beach. I miss the wonderful families who gave me shelter and welcomed me into their families in both Colorado and Florida. I miss my Aussie sisters in Brisbane and Melbourne. I miss my Karen and Chin friends in Texas, Australia, Yangon, and scattered across the world. Warmest hugs and sloppiest kisses to all. I look forward to seeing you all again, and i hope some of you will even come visit me here soon. Shalom.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Quote of the Week

'Persons in power should be very careful how they deal with a man who cares nothing for sensual pleasure, nothing for riches, nothing for comfort or praise, or promotion, but is simply determined to do what he believes to be right. He is a dangerous and uncomfortable enemy, because his body which you can always conquer gives you so little purchase upon his soul.'

- Gilbert Murray, on the Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi leading the Salt Satyagraha of 1930

Saturday, June 15, 2013


With a darting glance of your marbled oaken eye
Poetry's pen is vandalized
All sorrow is fleeting
And eye wish to live a thousand lives

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quote of the Week

"Think lightly of yourself   

 and deeply of the world"  

 - Miyamoto Musashi