Monday, December 17, 2012


In a world filled with so many amazing, good-willed people,  I often struggle to comprehend how such evils and atrocities are committed so routinely. How is there still so much economic slavery, war, and oppression in our modern world? I've discovered that there are many different reasons why such things are ever so present. One of the primary reasons is that nearly everyone is willing to make small compromises, for the sake of convenience, pride, fear, or any number of other reasons.

One of the greatest examples of this compromise is in relation to economic slavery. There are currently almost nine million humans who are victims of economic slavery at this time. There are hundreds of millions more who are paid wages so low that they are unable to provide basic necessities for themselves and their families. All around the world, humans made in the image of YHWH are exploited for the cause of materialism. What kind of sick people would perpetuate such a tragedy?

And me.

The companies which employ these slaves and pseudo-slaves are not some foreign, unknown, evil antagonists, sitting on thrones made of skulls on nameless Central American islands. They are the brands we know and love, such as Apple, GE, Nestle, Kraft, Walmart, and Verizon. And these slaves aren't working on building pyramids and monuments of death and evil. No, their lives are spent making clothes and shoes for us. Going without food while building the electronics we're so in love with. Spilling their blood so that we can have cheap chocolate and groceries. In other words, we are the ones that are employing the slaves. 

So, if we really care for these people, why are we keeping them as our slaves? Because it's a lot more convenient than the alternative. Because otherwise, we'd have to go out our way to buy more expensive chocolate and coffee. Because we'd have to go without the new iPhone or Mac. We'd have to find a less convenient grocery store. And we're willing to compromise.

This compromise neither begins nor ends with the issue of human slavery. We may go on tirades about how evil the media is, and how it's ruining our world. Yet we unashamedly go to every big new movie premiere, watch hours of television every day, and fill our social time with conversations about our favorite movies and shows. We listen to music that absolutely stands against everything we Love and believe in. We say we believe that YHWH is Good, yet we live like rats in a maze.

My friends, we have been presented with a society that has been built on all kinds of evils and injustices. You and I didn't initiate most of these evils that we've been presented with, but we do have a choice now.
"If your philosophy does not steep into every area of your life, the way you eat, breathe, relate, feel and talk, by all means, lay it down and adopt a philosophy worthy of your full dedication."
If we do not truly believe in the things we say we believe in, our belief systems are false, and not worth believing.

If the lives of others are not worth putting ourselves at slight inconvenience, we do not know Love.

And who are we if we're not in Love?

**Check out this fantastic website which will help you get started in your battle against compromise: 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quote of the Week

"All wars are civil wars,
Because all men are brothers."

-  Francois Fenelon