Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ode To The Seldom Sung

*If you have yet to read Bludgeoning Bleam, I recommend doing so first. This poem is a sequel to that poem.


And I never again and lolligan,
Though a yobbering world I live.
I, in my jobycan pleasures will always delight,
Though an expected smile shared, I misgive.

"Tis the life!"
"Tis the 'J's which you always of dreamed!"
"Knew ye not smiles shared were passed else?"

No, I knew. Yet I clamored still onward.
The divine word.
The divine letter commenced in my name.

For a promise I'd 'made.
An oathstone I'd laid.
"And the bludgeoning heart ne'er again."

For 'laughing', I mused, always starts with an 'L'.
But 'Joy' with the jobycan 'J'.
And though I forget all the poems I've writ,
May I always remember my name!

In a brave new world, I've fought and I've learned
No one's brave and nothing is new.
And world? Will pass, will leave nothing behind
But the Brave. But the New. But the Few.

So a brave old world, I'd have thought to be light.
To bring new to New was a hell of a fight.

To bring old to New, but a fight twice as this?
A fighter, no battle afeared.
But I find my old weapons are strangely amiss

And the Duchess has taken my beard.

For 'laughing' I choked, always startes with an 'L'.
Does the old world have room for a 'J'?
The rhymes have been taken. In silence. In rain.
If I could only