Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bludgeoning Bleam

In the heart was you stabbed oh my bludgeoning bleam
And you never again shall attain.
I, a forlorn decision has finally is
And the bludgeoning heart ne’er again.

When at first, oh you bludgeoning bleam did appear
Carried with you a lolligan love.
Told me squaggins and squizzies covered up and disguised
By the beauty forementioned above.

Me, I ate and partook and becudgeoned and and
Well I thought I'd expudgeoned the margins.
Alas! You, the bludgeoning bleam be the same
Who created the bludgeoning fargins!

In the heart! Was you stabbed! Oh my bludgeoning bleam!
For a blistering bandcock are ye! 
And a compligant, trutamic kick in the bants
Conversed self to a jombilant jestic.

Joh! Jhe jappily jobycan jinplan-jables jare jhe jery jicostic jaymerry!
In the jeart was I jabbed with a jambicant jostle
And I never again and lolligan. 

**A sequel to this poem is posted here.