Wednesday, November 30, 2016

the earth path

A crucial part of the Earth Path involves waking up to the presence of living nature in your own life.Many people in the modern industrial world go through life with their bodies surrounded by a cocoon of technology and their minds flooded with perpetual chatter from the media. Living and working in climate-controlled buildings,with artificial lighting to see by,commercial music to hear,synthetic scents to smell, chemically flavored foods to taste, and a completely manufactured environment to touch, it’s no wonder so many modern people are deluded into thinking of nature as an unnecessary luxury, and fail to notice that their glittering artificial world depends, moment by moment,on vast inputs of materials and energy wrenched from their places in the cycles of the living Earth. Psychologists have shown that many kinds of mental illness have a central factor in common.Despite the stereotype,mentally ill people don’t lose the ability to think clearly; psychotic delusions are often masterpieces of internally consistent deductive logic. The trouble comes because this elegant reasoning loses touch with anything outside itself.Deductions become delusions when they stop being tested against the way the world actually works. In the modern world,we face the same problem on a global scale. The artificial environment in which so many people spend all their time is entirely shaped by human minds, obeying rules unrelated to the way things work in the natural world.This distorts our thinking about countless issues. Since plumbing and garbage services take our waste out of sight,we lose track of the fact that waste never just “goes away”—it always ends up somewhere.Since money controls the flow of goods and services within our manufactured world, we lose track of the fact that all the money in the world won’t let us violate the laws of nature. It’s not going too far to say that we live inside a delusion turned real, a hallucinatory fantasy world frozen into material form. Yet the way out of the hallucination is as close as nature.

- from The Druidry Handbook, by John Michael Greer

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tumultuous Finale (Do You Remember the Falling)

Do you remember the falling?
Did you drift down like an Autumn leaf,
Or did you crash like a stone?
The unknown -  chiseled idol, disbelief.

Do remember the calling?
It hearkened to you when you craved.
A soft whisper became a scream,
You then dreamed - and rode the midnight wave

Do you remember the crawling,
When the sun exploded in the valley?
It reached in every crevice and pit.
Light 'n dark split - a Tumultuous Finale.

I remember the falling.
Scars left by the singe of tears.
Surreal hopes fell to the earth,
To the dirt - seeds of hope to rear.

I remember the calling.
I tried to escape it for so long.
Its shadow loomed over each step,
In each breath - I sang a defiant song.

I remember the crawling.
The winsome despair in that dust.
Resurrected in realization;
Continuation -  the divine wind gusts.

Let us face the appalling -
Together our spirits can dispel the wrath.
Let the flame of Love feast upon the dark;
Disembark - the crystal sea; stars make clear
our path.

by SRC

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Sundry Beacon

I stare into the night,
I see -
Billions of souls in flight;
A sea, the stars - a storm.

I meditate on a light,
I bleed  -
Uncongealed, the inner sight.
A seed, a dream - born.

Somewhere amidst illumination.
In a prism of flames, a guiding torch.
I followed a firefly of grace and comport.
Awakening, scorched by provocation,
An unparalleled force.
I become a sundry beacon, that sets alight the course.

Under the gazing sun
I read
The unwanted signs we shun,
Yet need, we cry - torn.

Amidst the herd we run,
So blind,
Or arrogant - undone.
The time? it flees - stillborn.

The giving of dead ground, lost destination.
A prison of games, that puts limits on all things.
A false idea as old as queens and kings.
Dictated reality, a blight of imagination.
Past 'n present form not a ring,
But a streak of  fuel - ignite, racing, exploding - beginning.
by SRC

Monday, July 25, 2016

Metaphysical Anarchism and Transendental-Deism: pt 1 Transendental-Deism

  Who plays the music of the spheres? How is the universe, though apparently in complete disorder, able to sustain a fragile globe such as our own?
   How have men become gods? We claim daily to have figured out the riddle of existence yet inevitably it seems we only open more doors, with more questions that lead us into an endless maze of equations and theories. How can we look into the night sky, in all of its ominous beauty and think that it is all an accident of chance? For me; I cannot.
   Just in the same manner I can't look at all that separates even the most intelligent and creative creature from humankind and think that there wasn't something, somewhere, somehow, that set a chasm in reality of an immeasurable distance between us and the animal kingdom. Sure I've heard "read this, read that" I have, and all of their theories sound nearly as incredible and unlikely as the idea of a First Thing or a Prime Mover in the Aristotelian sense.
   Now is the time that the questions that can't be answered pour in like a sheet of sarcastic and biased rain, as well as insinuations of anti-intelligentsia, as well as sublime and overt insults.
    If not by accident then how? If a first thing, then who? Far wiser and intelligent people have spent their entire lives trying to rent that concealing curtain of mystery. To me the hows, whys, and whos are really secondary and truly unanswerable in accordance to the flag bearer of truth known as science, that ever supposedly just, albeit at times, cold discerner of reality. Unfortunately for the acolytes of science a handful of truths evade their well meaning sight, for behind the supernaturally dictated veils the keys to these unknowns hide.
   Personally, for who else can I speak of with any authority, I'm just one soul, a single cosmonaut adrift in the temporal world trying to snatch tidbits of truth from the jaws of eternal doubt. I have burned much wax and chased many a rampant thought through the night as I grappled with schools of  mystery.
       Among these are traditional and nontraditional Protestantism and Catholicism as well as everything in, around or between. I've embraced both Theravada and Chan schools of Buddhism. I've remained both fascinated and baffled by the Taoist. I've studied both Shite and Sunni Islam and found I preferred the Sufis. Lastly, I've studied Jainism and Hinduism though, I readily admit, these would be the schools of thought that I am least versed. I have correlated this with a comprehensive understanding of 2500 years of human history, tempering all of it with the voice of reason from the  ancient Greek and Chinese philosophies, the medieval scholastic as well as a less then perfect study of the major thinkers from the Renaissance, Enlightenment and up into and through the 20th century.
  All of this I have digested and tried to formulate into a method of thought and communion that I have named Transcendental Deism.

     Transcendental-deism in itself is a phrase that always leaves perplexed looks on peoples face, being as it's a created phrase which could have a legion of meanings it's quite understandable. So what do I mean by Transcendental Deism? First of all we will start with what it isn't, then from there we will work our way back to what it is. From here on, for the most part, we will refer to it as TD.
   TD is not a self-standing set of dos and don'ts. It is not a set of rituals with functionaries. It is not a rigid set of formalities that the adherents must drag around like a ball and chain. Nor is it a group rules and regulations set in stone that stand ready to cut the cord of a poised bladed pendulum that's ever suspended over the person. TD doesn't necessarily have a place where the believers gather, have a set of scriptures nor does it, for the most part, seek acolytes. Though in each and everyone of the just mention cases can have a place in ones belief system if that is what it takes for the individual to enter communion between their spirit  and the great unknown that spans the universe. Each person must find their path on this unending road, through all of the twist and turns of doctrine, self-styled messiahs and the extraneous pursuit of weighty theologies.
  So what is TD?  TD is a quest, a journey, a companion to an intrepid wayfarer who wants to apply eternal reason to an illusion called reality: this reality, whether it is illusory or not, we still must play within a set of empirical rules as we sift through the concrete and often misguided precepts set down by our fellow humans as we try to define the material world.
   Through TD we take what we have been taught by our elders, filter it through both our natural reason and that which material and ecclesiastic philosophers teach, then, compare it to what other traditions teach, finally bringing it back around into our own lives and applying it in real life situations. Through this method, learning is applied to reality in a scientific way in which our experimental facility is the world. By this technique truth can find its way through the various realities we are shown; both external man-made falsehoods and our own internally induced disillusions.
   As always the question of morals and laws come up. Too often times I hear that moral are subjective and that morality is only something that is put upon us by the powers that be which, of course, has been shown through many ages to be true. The same is often said of good and evil. That good and evil are just a creation of culture and singularly play the  role of watchdog in controlling ideas to keep the ruled in a supine position. Again, without doubt this is true in many cases but I must ask you to pause for a moment and consider this; what subjectivity can be used when observing the destruction of the weak by the strong? What subjectivity can stand stoically by as the vulnerable are abused by those who hold power in whatever way. I contend that they cannot! One can rattle off a litany of examples that destroy this argument of subjective reality but I believe the point is sufficiently made.
    There is a flexibility to TD that takes the beliefs of what Arnold Toynbee called "the higher religions"and maximizes the key factors that drive our temporal existence. I am specifically leaving out particularities of the differing concepts and ideas that speak of creation, ritual, man-made law, the end of existence and finally; the afterlife. I'm leaving these items out so TD can focuses directly on what I believe to be considerably more important topics. These being the nature of the Creator or First Thing and most importantly, our interaction with our fellow travelers.
  The first topic, though much further from us in relation, as the the empirical is to the ephemeral, so distant and transcendental to us that we can barely speak of it, let alone truly know the nature of this First Thing. The writings of a myriad revelations reveal nothing in the concrete yet they prolifically revel in a multitude of the abstract and poetic. From what we can glean we know that the Prime Mover is gentle in its ominousness, kind in its ferociousness and is as beautiful as it is terrifying. In other words it is complete and whole in its relationship to all things in the illusory word of its divine construction. Its goodness and longing to create and sustain gives us the very life we breath.
    If the First Thing encompasses all that is then where does evil spring from? This is truly a complex question that i will dwell on at a later time. In this current essay I will touch on only a few thoughts.
     I do sincerely believe that their are polarizing forces at work in the cosmos. One has created all that is and is the source of all that lives and produces sentient and non-sentient energy and life. The other force exist only to corrupt, spoil and steal away the light from the universe. Is it a once subordinate being, a fallen angel if you will? Is it an anti-god that stands on even footing, battling in a constant struggle where neither force wins yet, for whatever reason, they shall fight until eternity implodes? Or is this other force the expunged and imperfect substance that once was part of the First Thing cast out of the main host like waste or pollutants leave the body. The truth is I don't know. I can only tell you that it exist and that we must battle it if we hope to become one with the First Thing. Again, I hope to address this more fully at a later time.
   The second area of supreme importance to our examination of TD is our relationships with each other. Virtually all of the faiths of world speak of treating your fellow persons as you would want to be treated. At this same time they also speak of how we are to treat those who, for whatever reason, are less fortunate than ourselves. We should cleanse ourselves of the most dangerous of anti-virtues, these being primarily greed, dominance and the well-spring for both of these - pride. If we can keep theses "demons" at bay the virtues that help us grow and flourish will sprout without hindrance inside of us and spread from person to person until we each achieve personal revelation, culminating in an enlightened, leaderless and egalitarian world.
  I also believe that our path to this destination is easiest reached by the belief system one is already brought up in. Why go searching far for what is actually near? I know many systems claim that there is no truth outside of their path, but I find this hard to believe in fact it sounds rather ridiculous. How would a creating entity of divine energies deprive eternity to a soul simply because they were brought up and lived on the other side of the world that was ignorant to the "one true way". So yes, you can say I believe that the final goal of the belief systems lead to the same place but, as I said, I believe it is easier and perhaps even proper for you to follow the path of your ancestors. Of course I readily admit that I may be wrong in this point but in the workings of my mind this sounds more than reasonable.

     In the beginning of what we can mentally conceive, an entity of divine energy dispensed of its own elements to create matter and energy.  To the beings of sentience it gave eternal moral reason. Eternal moral reason is what has created all that is good in humankind for without it, as we see more and more each day, we are reduced to little more than ravenous beast looking out only for our own directly related interests and grinding in the dirt all that isn't. This very same Eternal Reason that cries out inside the mind and spirit of us is the very same force that holds the universe together. This energy, this soul stuff, fills the spaces between molecules and keeps reality from discontinuing.
   This great mystery of the First Things is an enigma to humankind. Is it just a figment of the imagination. Is it a tool used by the the powers that be or, just maybe, is it a truth that lies behind what we see and consider to be reality? Apparently there is only one way to be sure of all of this and I'm not quiet ready to cross that threshold.
  Until then let us love one another like sisters and brothers and acknowledge without fear or shame that we are tiny in the grand scheme of things yet in our fragility there are greater forces at work and they can provide a shelter in the cosmic storms or drive us into an abyss.
by Steve Cebula

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Eternity Blinks

The eye of eternity,
What if it decides to blinks?
Will we forget who we are?
And be lost in the exploding supernova star?

On the edge, ever on the brink,
Going blank if Eternity Blinks.
Rifts in space, dark matter scared.
An anomaly that leaves reality in shards.
Traverse time and space on waves distinct.
Hence all that is dreamt becomes extinct

A mother is born to a child, the child grows to adulthood and becomes a mother.
Who meets another, who makes a bond; this time a father is born to a child.
Wrestling with wild fate, two children meet, a fleet encounter; the earth smiles, seeds planted.
The sapling sways, through storm and drought it grows; it reaches fruition, then suddenly - silence

The eye of eternity,
We give it a cute coy wink.
False piety cries to the stars,
Failing to notice how insignificant we are.

If you dare then stop and think,
What's the result if Eternity Blinks?
Temporal children of the vanguard,
Sullen and still is the once loud dialectical bard.
Close-minded control, we've been hoodwinked.
We forgot all the threads are interlinked.

We each create a false reality to survive being subjected to an artificial existence.
We feign resistance, then settle down into a cliche that we proclaim is unique,
We once searched, now we seek, with questions but the answers already lay within us.
Eternity Blinks, it must, don't fear, when stars burnout, it will warm us in a bright embrace.

The eye of eternity,
Swirling consciousness methinks.
A similar construct we are.
Of the same stuff as the planets, nebulas and stars.

A universe in each thought we think.
We sup of the void as Eternity Blinks.
We dance with angels whilst demons guard,
The gates of psychosis with egotistic disregard.
Cause, matter, in oblivion they sink,
In eternal form, cosmic rays we drink.
by SRC

Sunday, June 19, 2016


On distant planets in synchronicity,
In solidarity
Posited perfectly in a natural chaos

 Unadulterated animus, an anarchy
A sublime symmetry
The only hierarchy, the rapturous eons

There is a hope that's both near and far
Circling inner space and distant stars
So close, right there, it's within our grasp
Revelations abound and hearts aghast
Burden, weight, bludgeoning truth the blow
Earth turns, stars fall, the rushing river flows

Lonely forsaken rock, a cold universe
Reality in reverse
Love and hate they inverse, juxtaposed, consistently

Unmitigated flight, ever caught in conflict
Without harbor, Soul-drift
In tumultuous fits - are the sea, sky and space

The future is both a beacon and scar
Within it rest yesterday's avatar
A thought, a moment, an eternity
Sudden, fleet, instantaneously
A light so bright, now surprisingly dim
Creatures shudder at a creators whim - the end
                          by Steve Cebula       

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Is the Cost of life?

What is the cost to live?
To swim in that bold exuberance everyday.
To live each moment with an unrelenting zeal.
What is the price of fire?

So much this dream has to give.
Running barefoot through the laughing flowers of May,
To live each hour with a joy that borders surreal.
The breath of life never tires.

So accustomed to the sounds and smells of this life,
Comforted in the predictability of happiness
We think these days last, the present tense as it is.
Years storm pass, to form brigades of sadness

But alas a pipe is heard,
Through a blighted valley, its tune is a payment due.
The things we've loved now slip from our eyes like tears.
In its place an emptiness.

There is no thought nor word,
That can bring solace, nor return what we once knew.
Our debt to life - finality, the loss of what is dear.
This is price of closeness - this is price of living.
                                                     by Steve Cebula

Sunday, May 1, 2016

connecting to the "i am"

Real. Everything is so real right now. I am experiencing moments in such full rounded emotion. Letting myself feel is the best decision I ever made. I tear up everyday. Because everyday is new. Beautiful, hard, painful, enchanting, new. Every moment has a new experience, new feeling to feel and I want to feel them. I am so excited for life. Life is now and now is me. All my reality is me. My truth, my moments, my thoughts. I am. I truly feel like I am tapping into a pool, a circle of existence in unison with all. The earth is here with me and I want to drag everyone I meet in too. This pool is the essence of existing and I am taking part. I am living now. Fully. Alive. The glory of God is man fully alive, I see it. I am in my full glory when I am fully alive. Wholly me. Truly feeling. 

The physical world feels like a clever, beautiful collaboration of icebergs. Everyone is taking, acting, feeling, being on such a small scale. It brings me true pain to see people operating solely in the physical. Oblivious to the mountains that lie beneath their actions. There is so much more. I am crying as I write this. Existence is so real. So true. So raw. So infathomably beautiful. There is so much life to take part in. I want it all. I want to be. And I am. 

- johanna b, april 12, 2016

The Grinder and the Fire-Pit

There is no freedom in what's displaced,
In exchange for this dangerous ride.
The cages we forged for generations.
The chains ever tighter as the years weep.

In soliloquy the fiery tongues talk.
Precariously you toe the cat-walk.
The flames tickle the tips of your vague hopes.
Melting inside cherry red plastic vaults.

The routine beckons, obedience, on time.
Your conditioned like a soldier day by day.
You prepare for your daily reassembling.
Becoming a number in the chain link.

The gears cry out for the unseen pieces.
Resist as you might, a pet on a leash.
Engine whines, you smell the sickening smoke.
Finally, surrender, you embrace the beast.

Look at your neighbors just humming go along.
They sing in unison with with your loved ones.
A conniving conveyor, deaf to whats ahead.
Mesmerized blinders filtering in smiles.

The machines of capital we feed with souls.
The Grinder and Fire-pit demand their toll.
Upon billows 'n plumes toiling spirits float.
Lost to anonymity the sad clouds roll.
                     by Steve Cebula, May Day 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Fist of the Dove

How do the meek stand against all the gold and guns?
How does the olive branch resist the evil flames?
Histories are replete - with the sound of marching feet
The cool shade of peace, cast by the immortal Dove's name 
We are the Fist of the Dove 
The warriors of the lamb
We the Dove's burning fist 
A crown of thorns I am 
The benevolent legion
That becomes a golden ram
Both fire and steel will fall
Before a roaring lamb

Why do we take the horrid road matching force with might?
We've lost faith in the piercing light that we once embraced
Does faith and strength retreat - darker the fears we meet?
A richer victory comes when destruction is displaced
Protecting power with law 
Vultures harangue the Dove
We bow to one statute
Our truth is Eternal Love
Woe the entourage of death
We fear not your iron glove
For this foe cannot conceive
The bright fist of the Dove

Violence will sow violence and blood will reap only blood
Power brings a whole plethora of ritual insecurities
Thus the cycle will repeat - Until mankind is obsolete
The revolution dies, polluted by impurities
The fallen have shown the way
Gentle is the Dove's fist
It's directed without hate
Faithful, it will seldom miss
We are the Fist of the Dove
Hear how they jeer and hiss
Closed minds, hearts and spirits
The required nails in my wrist
                                                           Dedicated to the heroes of non-violent resistance
                                                                                         by Steve Cebula